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Dante XXI

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  • This album is deservedly getting great acclaim world-wide, but I feel compelled to add another 5-star review to the growing amount that are out there already.
    I can’t say enough good things about the album. I think it’s their best work since Arise (if not, dare I say, ever?).
    The band have had their critics since Max Cavalera left; a lot of people instantly disliked Derrick Green upon hearing Against, and hence decided not to give the following albums a chance. If you are one of these people, I strongly advise you to buy this album. If you are one of those who kept faith in the band, then you are reaping your just rewards.
    As much as I love the Derrick-era albums prior to Dante, I think this album is an amalgamation of all the best elements of its predecessors. It’s thrashy, it’s heavy, there’s a healthy mix of alternative instruments (the use of Horns, I believe!) and it is really creative.
    There’s also something a little extra in Dante; it’s dark. As a concept album, it draws inspiration from The Divine Comedy (the album is split into 3 sections; Hell, Purgatory and Paradise) both lyrically and artistically. There are some intense songs such as “Buried Words” in which you can decipher the book’s influence (if you’ve read it of course!) The art-work also draws inspiration from The Divine Comedy, with some top-notch work.
    In conclusion, this is an album that should have the begrudgers running back to the band in their droves (If you are one of them, there’s no shame in it!) as well as putting Sepultura back on the radar of metal heavy-weights where they belong. ….this is simply a great album. Buy it!

    Posted on March 7, 2010