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Dante XXI

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  • Their finest work in 10 years! This record is a concept record, much like Zao’s ‘Liberate to ex inferus’ about Dante’s Divine Comedy, however unlike Zao, Sep stepped it up and made a very technical release. This is most definetly the best Derrick era release, featuring Andreas making some very technical chug patterns in songs like “Dark wood of Error”(has a very dominating Meshuggah-ish style to it) and “Fighting On”(2 of my favorites). The record tends to get more melodic as it continues on, with the lyrics following the passage of each of the 7 layers with songs like “Ostia”. Other releases seam like they masked Paulo and Igor’s playing, but on this record it’s definetly all equal in the mix with Andreas. I can only see good things for the Seps with this record. Forget about who used to be in this band and start focusing on the fact that they are still making great cds. I’m giving this a 4.5

    Posted on March 7, 2010