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Dante XXI

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  • I’ve been one of the biggest sepultura fans since i was a little kid (now 25)…it was hard seeing Sepultura breaking up with max and everything but there’s gotta be a moment where you gotta let things go….and even tho the past 3 albums weren’t “great”, i always thought that Derrick’s voice is really good.
    this album without a doubt put sepultura back to that pedestal where the legends gotta go….best album with Derrick and actually one of their best albums in their whole carreer….Arise always will be #1.
    trust me the money invested on this album is something you will never regret. an amazing album…..and the production is just fantastic….the guitars are not even this chunky and beefy on the chaos a.d album….you can feel the speakers shaking with the distortion.
    P.S: I know nowdays there’s drummers that are fast as a lighting and they sound like drum machines….but if there’s something about igor’s drumming….is that you can feel the soul of this guy in every single note, maybe he’s no the fastest….or a blast beat for 30 minutes….but for me….one of the best and most creative drummers ever.

    Posted on March 7, 2010