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Japanese edition of this hotly tipped hard rock outfit from west coast, featuring the bonus track ’I Think I Lost My Headache. NME has hailed them as the new Nirvana. This Japanese pressing adds a b-side from their latest UK single, ’Ode To Clarissa’. 12 tracks in all. 2000 release. Standard jewel case. Call it ”stoner rock” if you must, but the sophomore release from the Queens of the Stone Age moves mosh music into a woozier realm. Which isn’t to say it isn’t plenty crunchy, but former Kyuss kingpin Josh Homme and company (including guests Mark Lanegan and Barrett Martin of the Screaming Trees) create an intoxicating brew by mixing metal, alt, and garage-rock elements together and making it smoke! –Steven StolderTrippy, forceful, and timeless, Rated R is rife with heavy, heady, trance-inducing post-hippie creations that recall Soundgarden and Fu Manchu. Singer/guitarist Josh Homme, founder of the defunct but much-worshipped ”stoner-rock” band Kyuss, heads the group. And while he’s joined by guests such as Mark Lanegan and Barrett Martin of the Screaming Trees, it’s the oddball songs rendered by Homme’s sexy voice and searing guitars that make this album sing. Kudos too, to the producer Chris Goss, formerly of another remarkable band, Masters of Reality. The Bowie-like surrealism of ”Auto Pilot” makes it this set’s classic; in fact, much of Rated R presents dark, Cocteau-like idiosyncrasies, often aided by touches of surprising humor. In the tongue-in-cheek-titled ”The Feel-Good Hit of the Summer,” the line ”Nicotine, Valium, Vicodin, marijuana, Ecstasy, and alcohol” is repeated like a mantra, while ”Better Living Through Chemistry,” is steeped in hallucinogenic sounds. The frenetic ”Monsters in the Parasol” is sonically rich, its primal riffing best ingested loud and via headphones, while ”Quick and to the Pointless,” boasts a raucous MC5/Blue Cheer vibe. This wondrous sophomore effort defies all categorization, except cool. –Katherine Turman

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  • When I purchased Danzig around 1989 or 1990, the metal scene was saturated with hair bands, thrash acts such as Metallica and Slayer were in a creative decline, and Pantera was about to introduce a style that would ruin it for everybody. I bought this album because I was looking for something different and “Mother” was receiving airplay on metal radio, but it was quite a pleasant surprise to discover how good the rest of the record was.

    Metal follows trends just like any other music genre, and as a result many bands sound alike. It is pretty safe to say that no other band sounds like Danzig. If you are tired of cookie monster vocals, blast beats, and “technicality”, this record is for you. The instrumentation is straightforward and minimalist, and Glenn Danzig’s vocals range from howling to crooning, powerful to subtle. The lyrics are poetic and would sound clich├ęd if sung by any other vocalist, but Glenn Danzig delivers them with depth and emotion. Danzig manages to combine satanic and occult themes, gothic imagery, and sexuality into a unique package. I have heard them played in a strip club (“She Rides”), how many other legitimate metal bands can make that claim?

    The record is a gem from start to finish. “Twist Of Cain”, “She Rides”, and “Mother” are probably the most familiar to metalheads, but other tracks stand out as well. You will bang your head to “Am I Demon” while “Soul On Fire”, “End Of Time”, and “Evil Thing” are also excellent songs. The mood overall is cold, dark and bleak, sometimes mysterious and ethereal. This is undoubtedly a metal record but one that is heavy without relying on speed or volume. Stylistically, it bears quite a bit of resemblance to Judas Priest during the era of Sad Wings Of Destiny, Sin After Sin, and Stained Class.

    No metalhead should ever forget that Danzig carried the torch for years during some of metal’s leaner years. In an era dominated by grunge and alternative, the band refused to compromise and gave hope to an embattled metal audience. This is an outstanding debut record and is rivaled only by Danzig IV in terms of quality. It is definitely worth a purchase.

    Posted on December 7, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • glenn danzig,s first solo album simply titled ;Danzig was released in the time glenn danzig released this album he had been in bands like the misfits and samhain.for the first few great danzig albums glenn gathered together a very good band in members such as;john christ-guitars,erie von-bass and chuck biscuits-drums to back his his soulful vocal style and excellent dark lyrical themes! also noteable is the fact this album was produced by famous rock producer rick rubin who has produced albums for such greats as the red hot chili peppers,acdc and the cult.teaming up with rick rubin was a good move and the results showed in songs such as;twist of cain,she rides,am i demon,the hunter,soul on fire and mother to name a few.the album cover is very cool with the demon skull which definately fits glenn,s dark lyrics.for my tastes this album and danzig 2 lucifuge are 2 of danzig,s greatest,so if you are a fan you know this album and lucifuge are must haves!play this loud!!

    Posted on December 7, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’m mixed when it comes to Danzig. I’m not very fond of him personally, but the man can sure write a song and sing, and this is easily his best release under the Danzig moniker.

    The songs on here have a polished rawness to them you don’t get on his future releases, and he seems to channel Elvis at all the right times. That’s the same thing that made the Misfits’ “Legacy of Brutality” so great.

    If you aren’t hooked by the first guitar riff, you really aren’t paying attention. You know then and there that Danzig is rewriting his music history, and is doing exactly what he wants regardless of what the fans desired. You have to admire that. Fortunately, what he made was entirely rocking, which may be in part to Rick Rubin. Can’t say for sure, but I think that was definitely an influence.

    This release never gets old, and will stand the test of time like few others of his. Guaranteed not to disappoint Danzig and rock fans.

    Posted on December 7, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Sort of like The Doors sandwiched between The Cult and Black Sabbath with extra cheese, Danzig is not for everyone. But any honest hard rock fan will have to admit that this is a really good record. I think it borders on great.

    There’s not a boring track here, and everything is produced and mixed PERFECTLY. Seriously, Rick Rubin has made some great records, but this is ridiculous.

    I’m not a big Danzig fan, but I’m a big fan of this album. It has a dark, dirty, spontaneous feel, like G’N'R’s Appetite For Destruction. It just works. If you like bluesy metal, you gotta love it.

    Posted on December 7, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • After listening to the Misfits collection 1 back in 1988 or 1989 I immediately tracked down this self titled cassette from Danzig. What you get is a stripped down blues metal album with demonic overtones. I personally love the production that Rick Rubin gave this album. This is the first album that Glenn Danzig appeared on that really brought his vocals to the front of the mix. Glenn has a deep bluesy sound but his voice has a great range. The drums from Chuck Biscuits are awesome. You hear every hit he makes and it thunders in your chest. Chuck knew how to really add drums to Danzig rather than just following the simple rhythm. John Christ has great guitar tones that are truly unique and compliments Glenn’s vocals perfectly. There is not one bad song on the album. The album starts with Twist of Cain which sets the mood well. The album varies in tempo from the slower “She Rides” to the faster pace of “Mother”. If you like dark music with a hard edge (this is not GOTH) then I highly recommend you pick this up. As a long time Danzig fan, I still revisit this album often but Lucifuge is still my favorite Danzig album!

    Posted on December 7, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now