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  • I’m mixed when it comes to Danzig. I’m not very fond of him personally, but the man can sure write a song and sing, and this is easily his best release under the Danzig moniker.

    The songs on here have a polished rawness to them you don’t get on his future releases, and he seems to channel Elvis at all the right times. That’s the same thing that made the Misfits’ “Legacy of Brutality” so great.

    If you aren’t hooked by the first guitar riff, you really aren’t paying attention. You know then and there that Danzig is rewriting his music history, and is doing exactly what he wants regardless of what the fans desired. You have to admire that. Fortunately, what he made was entirely rocking, which may be in part to Rick Rubin. Can’t say for sure, but I think that was definitely an influence.

    This release never gets old, and will stand the test of time like few others of his. Guaranteed not to disappoint Danzig and rock fans.

    Posted on December 7, 2009