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Daredevil: The Album

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One wonders what Daredevil the superhero might make of Daredevil: The Album. Given his heightened sense of hearing, the costumed one would probably grab the volume control, since tinnitus-inducing modern rock is the primary fare here. Despite strong new fare from Fuel, Saliva, and Nickelback, the pairing of Drowning Pool with another cartoon character, Rob Zombie, is the clear winner on personality alone. Two cuts from newcomers Evanescence, including the song showcased in the film’s trailer (”Bring Me to Life”), also stand out thanks to the dramatic vocals of Amy Lee, who should find favor with Tori Amos fans. Respites from the hard rock action round out the disc: a collaboration between Nappy Roots and P.O.D. guitarist Marcus Curiel is a rap-rock outing that actually satisfies on both levels, Autopilot Off chime in with some peppy emo, and the title theme gets a Chemical Brothers-style big beat overhaul. –Kurt B. Reighley

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  • For Daredevil himself and anybody else able to hear, the cd is a good news. After The Scorpion King it’s another good try to collect some better alternative rock artists in one album and help the movie itself to be looking and sounding more impressive.The list of the strongest tracks would include: Won’t Back Down by Fuel (keep looking forward to their new album), For You by The Calling (what a strong effort!), Hang On by Seether (the “classical” Seether, but sounds refreshing among many other bands), The Man Without Fear by Drowning Pool & Rob Zombie (the fastest and most adrenalizing tune off the whole cd, the catchy chorus is all here as well), Bring Me To Life & My Immortal by Evanscence (the little discovery of this cd, and not only the cd), Fade Out/In by Palo Alto (the good and poppy rock tune), Caught In The Rain by Revis (one of the catchiest tracks, and the vocals are simply highly memorable), High Wire Escape Artist by Boysetsfire (one of the most original band on here, at least the song works pretty well), Sad Exchange by Finger Eleven (one of the best song by the band ever), Let Go by 12 stones (it’s typical for the band, but it’s a ballad after all, so one may like it).The rest is still worth buying the album, finally you have the whole bunch of 20 tracks here.

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  • One of the hardest things to do in terms of putting a movie together is making the soundtrack. Lame soundtracks are NUMEROUS in our culture, yet we still continue to buy them. Why is that? What makes our search for the perfect soundtrack so important even though we continue to get lame compilations of music we’ve already heard anyway? The answer to this question may never be answered. Until now, there were three excellent soundtracks released on the market…Mothman Prophecies, Terminator II, and Almost Famous, all of them with remarkable songs…either written solely for the album, uniquely selected, or with a brilliant orchestrative effort. Well, Daredevil has earned its place among the amazing soundtracks in movie history. Not only are there 20 some songs on this album, most of them were written for this album and for this album only. The most outstanding tracks are by a band whose CD “Fallen” will be released on the 4th of March. This is the band Evanescence, an amazing band on the same label as Seether, Creed, and 12 Stones (Wind Up.) The song “Bring Me To Life” is just as amazing as the entire Daredevil soundtrack. A combination of Creed, 12 Stones and Sarah MacLachlan, hard rock, orchestra and new age spiritual music are all thrown into one amazing compilation that left me breathless and needing to listen to it thirty times in a row. This track ALONE makes this CD worth buying, trust me.Other outstanding tracks include songs by Chevelle, 12 Stones, and Fuel. This soundtrack is amazing…may the movie be just as spectacular.

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  • I must confess myself to be an anonymous Daredevil fan at heart. And, while many others expected the movie itself to be total slush, me and a select few anxious were to see it. I’ll also confess that, while I’m not the biggest Heavy Metal/Pure Rock fan…I was delightfully suprised with this CD, which I recieved yesterday, on my 17th birthday. And, despite all doubts, I can say that I THROROUGHLY enjoyed it.The songs themself made a lovely “flow” of the CD, making good transitions and positioning of them all. While a few artists left me wanting more than I recieved, such as Nappy Roots, Moby, Chevelle, and surprisingly, Hoobastank, there were STELLAR tracks from 12 Stones, Endo, Seether, and Boysetfire, who all gave the compilation a hard-hitting, yet beauteous-depressing feel overall. We were given a broader perspective of the movie and its contents, as well as the variety of style, as Rob Zombie helped to front Drowning Pool in “The Man Without Fear”, Gaaeme Revell and Mike Einziger added a techno trip-in with the Daredevil Theme itself (Blind Remix), and Autopilot Off, giving us a feel of “Happy Punk”, performing “Raise Your Rifles”, in their own particular Simple Plan/Sum 41/Blink 182 style. However, the obvious stars of the WHOLE DAMN ALBUM were, hands down, Evanescence. While their hit “Bring Me to Life” deserves its praises, and then some, their second track, “My Immortal” involves nothing more than occasional addition of techno bytes and string orchestra, a grand piano, and the vocals of Ms. Amy Lee herself, and is one of the most BEAUTIFUL SONGS I HAVE EVER HEARD (And believe me, I’ve heard a few.) It takes us away from the hard-hitting aspect of the album, and brings us into the beauty of the darkness and despair. Every time I take the song into deep consideration, and the meaning behind the words…I break down into tears. So much beauty…indescribable.If you’re anxiously awaiting the Theatrical Release, BUY THIS CD. If you’re NOT looking forward to the movie, BUY THIS CD. If you’re reading this review after seeing the movie, and throroughly hating it, BUY THIS CD. While this CD is not for everyone, it brings a little something to the table for everyone. If you can’t find ONE GOOD THING in this whole album…then shame on you for being so close-minded. While I am used to burning my own compilations, rather than buy whole albums…I am throroughly glad I recieved this. Also, I advise you all to keep your eyes out for the release of the Evanescence CD, due out March 4th. It will be amazing, I can assure you that much. That is all.

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  • This is the best ever. And Here’s Why…1)Fuel – Won’t Back Down. 10/10, My 2nd Favourite song and a great opener to the CD.2)The Calling – For You. 10/10, My 4th fav on this 15+ song CD. This song reflects to Blind Justice.3)Saliva – Bleed For Me. 10/10, Again, a 10. This simply rocks.4)Seether – Hang On. 10/10, my 6th fav on this CD. I’d say this CD is flawless.5)Nickelback – Learn The Hard Way. 10/10, The 10’s keep on coming. My 8th fav. I never liked Nickelback until I heard this song.6)Drowning Pool featuring Rob Zombie – The Man Without Fear. 10/10, My No. 1 Favourite song on this CD by far. You take 3 members of a great band and combine them with a singer from another great band and you have one excellent song. This gets a 10. Rest In Peace Dave Williams, Lead Singer Of Drowning Pool.7)Nappy Roots featuring Marcos Curiel of P.O.D. – Right Now. 9/10, Well, not as good as the first 6, but still a great song.8)Moby – Evening Rain. 7.5/10. Not as good as these other ones but still, quite good.9)Evanescence – Bring Me To Life. 10/10, We’re back in the 10’s! My 3rd favourite. Their other song on this, My Immortal, is no way as good as this. Not to mention this version has Paul McCoy of 12 Stones singing on this too.10)Chevelle – Until You’re Reformed. 7/10, Not so special, but good either way.11)Hoobastank – Right Before You’re Eyes. 10/10, the 8th 10. and my 7th fav. They sure did work on this song as much as their song on The Scorpion King album, “Losing My Grip”. Well made.12)Palo Alto – Fade Out/In. 5/10, the first major dissapointment. However there are worse.13)Revis – Caught In The Rain. 10/10, My 5th favourite. And awesome stuff, I’m so glad this song was even put in the movie.14)Boysetsfire – High Wire Escape Artist. 6/10, much like Palo Alto, this was kind of a let down.15)Autopilot Off – Raise Your Rifles. 8/10, Not too bad really.16)Graeme Revell and Mike Einziger – Daredevil Them(Blind Justice Remix). 8.5/10, I’m not very fond of instrumental songs, but this is still the best instrumental I’ve heard.17)Evanescence – My Immortal. 9/10 – Like I said earlier, this song isn’t as good as Bring Me To Life, but still an excellent song.18)Finger Eleven – Sad Exchange. 8.5/10, Much like Moby’s Evening Rain, not very special, but good.19)Endo – Simple Lies. 5/10, Another let down, but it’s the last one.20)12 Stones – Let Go. 10/10, The CD ends with a 10. Their Scorpion King song “My Life” was good, but this song is actually tied in 5th place with Revis’ Caught In The Rain.The CD was EXCELLENT! 10 above average songs, and the rest were good except a select few which were throwaways. But why let 3 hold back 17? The CD has definately surpassed Spiderman’s soundtrack by far.

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  • Let’s start with a little background. I’m a huge Daredevil and Marvel Comics fan. Basically? I’m a Marvel Zombie. To say the least, I had a particular idea of what a Daredevil soundtrack should be like. Unlike Spidey, this cd didn’t disappoint.1. Fuel – Won’t Back Down (9/10): Strong opening track, that was clearly written for the movie, by the lead guitarist Carl Bell. 2. The Calling – For You (10/10): Written by the lead vocalist and lead guitarist, this is a fantastic, beautifully sung song that has all kinds of movie references. This is what Spidey’s ‘Hero’ TRIED to be.3. Saliva – Bleed For Me (9/10): Strong track written by Josey Scott that, again, ties in with the movie. One point off for slight repetitiveness.4. Seether – Hang On (9/10): Another strong track, cowritten by bass guiterist Dale Stewert. One point off for slight repetitiveness.5. Nickleback – Leard the Hard Way (6/10): The first disappointment. It has nothing to do with the movie, and I’m not a fan of Nickleback. Still a decent song.6. Drowning Pool & Rob Zombie – Man Without Fear (8/10): Fun track by the vocal god himself. It’s obviously for the movie, with some fun lyrics, but is pretty repetitive.7. Nappy Roots – Right Now (0/10): I hate this song. It’s rap, with no correlation with the movie.8. Moby – Evening Rain (0/10): I am not of fan of Moby, and he’s a “love/hate” artist, unfortunately.9. Evanescence – Bring Me To Life (10/10): I’ve been a huge Evanescence fan for years, ever since their first indie cd, and seeing them find so much success is wonderful. Buy the DD soundtrack for this song alone if you have doubts, because this is the only place where you can get this version of it with Paul McCoy.10. Chevelle – Until You’re Reformed (7/10): Not the strongest track, and Evanescence is hard to follow, but decent nonetheless. 11. Hoobastank – Right Before Your Eyes (9.5/10): Great song, that fits with the movie. Nearly a 10!12. Paloalto – Fade Out/In (7/10): Good song, with a strong chorus, but with a few weak spots. 13. Revis – Caught In The Rain (8/10): Great song! It’s overshadowed by other tracks, but well worth a listen.14. Boysetsfire – High Wire Escape Artist (9/10): Fantastic! This song made me a fan of the artist. One point knocked off for the out of place death metal screaming near the end.15. Autopilot Off – Raise Your Rifles (7/10): Short and feels out of place, but it’s a fun song the nonetheless.16. Graeme Revell – DD Theme (3/10): As a musical score fan, this kind of butchering ticks me off. From what I can hear of the actual score, it doesn’t sound that great anyway, but it’s hard to tell. Very disappointing.17. Evanescence – My Immortal (10/10): Absolutely and utterly stunningly beautiful. I’ve loved this song from their indie cd, but nothing prepared me for the new reworking of it. Amy’s vocals are breathtaking, and the new strings to go with the piano are heart wrenching.18. Finger Eleven – Sad Exchange (9/10): Fantastic song that, if the movie plays out the way I think it does, will definately reflect on a certain part of the film.19. Endo – Simple Lies (8/10): Another fantastic song at the end, and should relate to the film. Two points knocked off for the unnecessary death metalish parts near the end.20. 12 Stones – Let Go (9/10): Strong track to close the album. It pales in comparison to My Immortal, but it’s great in it’s own right.To sum it up…run, don’t walk, out and buy it. NOW.

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