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Daredevil: The Album

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  • This is the best ever. And Here’s Why…1)Fuel – Won’t Back Down. 10/10, My 2nd Favourite song and a great opener to the CD.2)The Calling – For You. 10/10, My 4th fav on this 15+ song CD. This song reflects to Blind Justice.3)Saliva – Bleed For Me. 10/10, Again, a 10. This simply rocks.4)Seether – Hang On. 10/10, my 6th fav on this CD. I’d say this CD is flawless.5)Nickelback – Learn The Hard Way. 10/10, The 10’s keep on coming. My 8th fav. I never liked Nickelback until I heard this song.6)Drowning Pool featuring Rob Zombie – The Man Without Fear. 10/10, My No. 1 Favourite song on this CD by far. You take 3 members of a great band and combine them with a singer from another great band and you have one excellent song. This gets a 10. Rest In Peace Dave Williams, Lead Singer Of Drowning Pool.7)Nappy Roots featuring Marcos Curiel of P.O.D. – Right Now. 9/10, Well, not as good as the first 6, but still a great song.8)Moby – Evening Rain. 7.5/10. Not as good as these other ones but still, quite good.9)Evanescence – Bring Me To Life. 10/10, We’re back in the 10’s! My 3rd favourite. Their other song on this, My Immortal, is no way as good as this. Not to mention this version has Paul McCoy of 12 Stones singing on this too.10)Chevelle – Until You’re Reformed. 7/10, Not so special, but good either way.11)Hoobastank – Right Before You’re Eyes. 10/10, the 8th 10. and my 7th fav. They sure did work on this song as much as their song on The Scorpion King album, “Losing My Grip”. Well made.12)Palo Alto – Fade Out/In. 5/10, the first major dissapointment. However there are worse.13)Revis – Caught In The Rain. 10/10, My 5th favourite. And awesome stuff, I’m so glad this song was even put in the movie.14)Boysetsfire – High Wire Escape Artist. 6/10, much like Palo Alto, this was kind of a let down.15)Autopilot Off – Raise Your Rifles. 8/10, Not too bad really.16)Graeme Revell and Mike Einziger – Daredevil Them(Blind Justice Remix). 8.5/10, I’m not very fond of instrumental songs, but this is still the best instrumental I’ve heard.17)Evanescence – My Immortal. 9/10 – Like I said earlier, this song isn’t as good as Bring Me To Life, but still an excellent song.18)Finger Eleven – Sad Exchange. 8.5/10, Much like Moby’s Evening Rain, not very special, but good.19)Endo – Simple Lies. 5/10, Another let down, but it’s the last one.20)12 Stones – Let Go. 10/10, The CD ends with a 10. Their Scorpion King song “My Life” was good, but this song is actually tied in 5th place with Revis’ Caught In The Rain.The CD was EXCELLENT! 10 above average songs, and the rest were good except a select few which were throwaways. But why let 3 hold back 17? The CD has definately surpassed Spiderman’s soundtrack by far.

    Posted on January 5, 2010