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Daredevil: The Album

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  • I must confess myself to be an anonymous Daredevil fan at heart. And, while many others expected the movie itself to be total slush, me and a select few anxious were to see it. I’ll also confess that, while I’m not the biggest Heavy Metal/Pure Rock fan…I was delightfully suprised with this CD, which I recieved yesterday, on my 17th birthday. And, despite all doubts, I can say that I THROROUGHLY enjoyed it.The songs themself made a lovely “flow” of the CD, making good transitions and positioning of them all. While a few artists left me wanting more than I recieved, such as Nappy Roots, Moby, Chevelle, and surprisingly, Hoobastank, there were STELLAR tracks from 12 Stones, Endo, Seether, and Boysetfire, who all gave the compilation a hard-hitting, yet beauteous-depressing feel overall. We were given a broader perspective of the movie and its contents, as well as the variety of style, as Rob Zombie helped to front Drowning Pool in “The Man Without Fear”, Gaaeme Revell and Mike Einziger added a techno trip-in with the Daredevil Theme itself (Blind Remix), and Autopilot Off, giving us a feel of “Happy Punk”, performing “Raise Your Rifles”, in their own particular Simple Plan/Sum 41/Blink 182 style. However, the obvious stars of the WHOLE DAMN ALBUM were, hands down, Evanescence. While their hit “Bring Me to Life” deserves its praises, and then some, their second track, “My Immortal” involves nothing more than occasional addition of techno bytes and string orchestra, a grand piano, and the vocals of Ms. Amy Lee herself, and is one of the most BEAUTIFUL SONGS I HAVE EVER HEARD (And believe me, I’ve heard a few.) It takes us away from the hard-hitting aspect of the album, and brings us into the beauty of the darkness and despair. Every time I take the song into deep consideration, and the meaning behind the words…I break down into tears. So much beauty…indescribable.If you’re anxiously awaiting the Theatrical Release, BUY THIS CD. If you’re NOT looking forward to the movie, BUY THIS CD. If you’re reading this review after seeing the movie, and throroughly hating it, BUY THIS CD. While this CD is not for everyone, it brings a little something to the table for everyone. If you can’t find ONE GOOD THING in this whole album…then shame on you for being so close-minded. While I am used to burning my own compilations, rather than buy whole albums…I am throroughly glad I recieved this. Also, I advise you all to keep your eyes out for the release of the Evanescence CD, due out March 4th. It will be amazing, I can assure you that much. That is all.

    Posted on January 5, 2010