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Daredevil: The Album

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  • One of the hardest things to do in terms of putting a movie together is making the soundtrack. Lame soundtracks are NUMEROUS in our culture, yet we still continue to buy them. Why is that? What makes our search for the perfect soundtrack so important even though we continue to get lame compilations of music we’ve already heard anyway? The answer to this question may never be answered. Until now, there were three excellent soundtracks released on the market…Mothman Prophecies, Terminator II, and Almost Famous, all of them with remarkable songs…either written solely for the album, uniquely selected, or with a brilliant orchestrative effort. Well, Daredevil has earned its place among the amazing soundtracks in movie history. Not only are there 20 some songs on this album, most of them were written for this album and for this album only. The most outstanding tracks are by a band whose CD “Fallen” will be released on the 4th of March. This is the band Evanescence, an amazing band on the same label as Seether, Creed, and 12 Stones (Wind Up.) The song “Bring Me To Life” is just as amazing as the entire Daredevil soundtrack. A combination of Creed, 12 Stones and Sarah MacLachlan, hard rock, orchestra and new age spiritual music are all thrown into one amazing compilation that left me breathless and needing to listen to it thirty times in a row. This track ALONE makes this CD worth buying, trust me.Other outstanding tracks include songs by Chevelle, 12 Stones, and Fuel. This soundtrack is amazing…may the movie be just as spectacular.

    Posted on January 5, 2010