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Daredevil: The Album

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  • For Daredevil himself and anybody else able to hear, the cd is a good news. After The Scorpion King it’s another good try to collect some better alternative rock artists in one album and help the movie itself to be looking and sounding more impressive.The list of the strongest tracks would include: Won’t Back Down by Fuel (keep looking forward to their new album), For You by The Calling (what a strong effort!), Hang On by Seether (the “classical” Seether, but sounds refreshing among many other bands), The Man Without Fear by Drowning Pool & Rob Zombie (the fastest and most adrenalizing tune off the whole cd, the catchy chorus is all here as well), Bring Me To Life & My Immortal by Evanscence (the little discovery of this cd, and not only the cd), Fade Out/In by Palo Alto (the good and poppy rock tune), Caught In The Rain by Revis (one of the catchiest tracks, and the vocals are simply highly memorable), High Wire Escape Artist by Boysetsfire (one of the most original band on here, at least the song works pretty well), Sad Exchange by Finger Eleven (one of the best song by the band ever), Let Go by 12 stones (it’s typical for the band, but it’s a ballad after all, so one may like it).The rest is still worth buying the album, finally you have the whole bunch of 20 tracks here.

    Posted on January 5, 2010