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Dark Endless

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  • Marduk’s debut album and prolly their best. No I don’t think their ¨norsecore¨ era is bad, on the very contrary I love it and own their every album and dvd but I’m fonder of their 3 first albums.

    The Morgan/Devo dual-lead guitar attack is better than ever here with lots of hiper-precise tremolo picking . Sure, the music slows down at times but only to pick up a yet faster and more brutal pace shortly afterwards. One-off bassist Richard Kalm is inaudible in the mix but for one good and super-trebly solo; drummer Joakim Grave is an unstoppable force behind his kit -Marduk alway had incredible drummers- and Andreas Axelsson shouts his throat away behind the mike -the worst singer the band ever had but still got the job done.

    This album is often reviewed as ¨not yet black but death metal¨. Nothing could be more wrong. This is pure brutal black and of the best kind at that. The album displays a superb, brooding atmosphere with excellent production, great detail and precise stereo imaging, making it one of the best-sounding Marduk records ever. Still brutal but not norsecorish, some intros reminisce of Black Sabbath and some melodic lines can be found here and there. The double bass-drums have a lot of prescense without overwhelming the general sound or the rest of the instruments which I appreciate enourmously.

    I really don’t understand why is it that this incredible lp gets the flack it does and why some fans compare it to Panzer Division….this one is so much better !!!

    Posted on January 19, 2010