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Dark Horse

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  • I previewed this CD from the local library. When the first song’s subject is about oral sex, you know it’s time for the band to start looking for new material. Geez, Chad & Company! That’s the best you’ve got? I listened to the rest of the CD and found nothing outstanding or worthy of further attention. This isn’t rock-n-roll or metal or (fill in the blank). It’s four junior high school guys standing behind the gym smoking cigarettes, testing out the latest swear word, thinking they are cool. Chad, dude, you don’t sing with any feeling. (Perhaps you are singing with something in YOUR mouth?) Your technique is a “one trick pony”: heard it once, unique; heard it through a whole series of albums, roll my eyes and move on. BORING!! I listened to the previous releases, too. Same old story. YAWN….

    This CD is “wooden” as in dead, stiff, not living, beyond revival. The biggest rock band in the U.S.? Yeah, sure, and so was Boy George at one time. There’s no accounting for taste with some folks.

    Posted on February 7, 2010