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Dark Passion Play

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  • If you have seen the DVD “End of Innocence” Toumas talks about how the concept and sound of the Band changed once they first heard Tarja Sing the songs they had started to write in the Beginning. He stated he voice was “Too Bombastic” for the softer celtic/folk direction they had planned, so they had to beef everything up and and alot more dynamics to the Songs to compliment her Voice. Well this CD “Dark Passion Play” is just that, very Dark and Passonate -but also VERY Heavy & Powerful! But the the problem is Annette has a very tradional sounding Voice,which sound beautiful in the softer sections of the Songs with just Key’s and Orchestrations, but once the Guitars, Bass, and Drums kick in to high gear, the poor Lady gets buried alot of the times. I know alot of this could have been corrected in the mix and mastering done on the CD, but to me the bottom line is I think the band and songs on this CD are just to heavy to compliment her Voice. She doesn’t have the natual projection and range that an Opera Singer has to project over just about anything, so they should have come down to her level, or chose a Vocalist that had the power to rise to that level. I’m not knocking Annette’s ability, I just don’t think she was a good choice if Tuomas wanted to continue with the dynamic classical/metal direction of the band and not go more mainstream with the Music to better suit her Voice.

    Posted on December 20, 2009