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Dark Passion Play

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  • This is a very special album, for those who can take it that is…I wasn’t sure what to expect but judging form the picture of the artists online it was going to be quite a ride! I loved all the songs and the marriage of orchestra with hard metal and some make believe dialogue that made me feel as if I was watching a raunchy version of Lord of the Rings.

    I cant recommend this album enough for those who think that symphonic power metal is delish, I am such a person. It’s also a funny coincidence how so many bizarre and cool at the same time musicians emerge from Finland, it’s quite a place for creative existence.

    Poet and The Pendulum is glorious, starting off as an eerie fairly tale reminiscent of movies such as “The Company of Wolves” which is a dark take on the Little Red Ridinghood story as one can literally hear snow falling and soft whispers reeling in the bait, followed by something dark brooding nearby by. That is taken over by a glorious army of guitars wrenching the listener from make believe onto a battlefield of sound and energy. The latter part of the song reminded me of one of my favorite fantasy movies “Kull the Conqueror” which is a glorious marriage of orchestra and metal. The vocals are sweet and powerful which makes the sound glisten like a blade of an ax ready to strike imaginary forces. The song is loud and long with many different dynamics and themes, changing from a sad cello to a mosh pit showdown.

    7 Days to the Wolves is another fantastic piece, it’s different I know, so different in fact that people can have a hard time understanding it but I can blast it of as loud as my poor ears can take it and it even makes me walk faster if I’m listening to it on my ipod. There’s no way that I can listen to it and not feel like I’m in a different universe. The guitars here are pure pleasure and give the song a movie like feel, for someone who loves soundtracks this one tasty morsel. The violin in this one song, about half way thought almost made me cry when it clashed with the guitar not to mention the vocals on top, oh man…good stuff.

    The best part of this album is the crazy mix of sounds, from war ballet to battle music and ballads with an edge this is one cool piece of music. Honestly I love all the music on it but the two pieces I dissected a bit are my favorite, even my dad likes Nightwish, but hey he’s a cool dude who is into martial arts and all this funky movie stuff, so it makes sense! For all the picky critics out there, go ahead, rip it apart but it only matters how each person perceives it, I don’t want everyone to like this, it will make it common and washed out, I respect Nightwish for creating what they like to hear and I am proud to admit that I love all their creations. The effort and creativity breathe in this album, the full chorus and what I am imagining to be a huge string section adds seductiveness and fairy tale like charm that stands out, add a little heavy metal and presto, a winner!

    Happy listening, don’t forget your battle ax…

    - Kasia S.

    Posted on December 20, 2009