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Darkest Day

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  • Obituary has yet again, shocked me with another great album! First of all, I’d like to say that I love the fact that they have released so much material over the past few years [Xecutioner's Return, Left To Die ep, Tardy Brothers, Darkest Day]. I have all the Obituary albums and I can honestly say I love every one. This one included. People wonder how the new album sounds? It’s Obituary. nothing more. nothing less.

    First of all, the sound:
    Recorded at their own Redneck Studios, Obituary has improved their sound since their last album. The guitars are more crunchy, almost of a ‘modern’ World Demise-esque tone. John’s vocals on this album are of course amazing. To me, one of the most consistent death metal vocalists. The album seems to have a small amount of vocals, but when they kick in, there’s no mistaking who it is. Ralph Santolla’s leads on this album are the most creative I’ve ever heard him play. Extremely complex, extremely fast, extremely tasty. The drums on the album are my favorite part. Donald’s kick drum and his toms sound similar to the Cause of Death [Scott Burns' infamous drum sound] sound. Overall, very well produced and mixed.

    The tracks:
    Some classic Obituary style riffing, some that are nauseatingly fast/brutal for them. Also on this record are some of the heaviest riffs I’ve heard them put out since “Dying” off of Cause of Death. Towards the middle/end of Payback is an excellent example of this as well as all of Outside My Head. List Of Dead, the opening track is a major kick in the testicles. Totally brutal, and crushing throughout. Your Darkest Day stood out to me as well, while being slow and ominous reminiscent of Slowly We Rot. Violent Dreams is my personal favorite because it’s extremely thrashing death metal, that sounds straight off of Slowly We Rot. Of course, you also get Forces Realign and Left To Die from their last EP [both goodies!]

    Overall, an extremely solid Obituary album. I recommend for any classic death metal head, or anyone interested in finding out what the word “HEAVY” means.

    Posted on March 16, 2010