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Darkest Day

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  • There is always a problem when a band takes the [...] comments of supposed fans seriously, it sometimes ends up screwing up the product. Both “Frozen in Time” and “Xecutioner’s Return” were more than decent efforts, especially the latter which gave that band a new guitarist who added another (welcome) dimension to the band. Apparently, some fans didn’t like Ralph Santolla’s guitar musings either on the album or in concert.

    We know find ourselves with “Darker Days” an album that chugs along endlessly with maybe one or two decent solos pushed into the background. The band seems to actively be channeling such duds as “World Demise” or the even more pitiful “Back from the Dead”. The songs are played at this kind of hardcore-meets-alternative-rock pace without any catchy hooks or solos or even dirge parts that this band was know for a la “Cause of Death” or “Slowly We Rot”. You listen to a song that sounds like it’s been playing for ten minutes and realize the track is only three. The only decent songs are the first track and maybe ‘This Life’ as well as some of the tracks that were already previously included in the “Left to Die” EP -so those don’t really count. Really, I’m missing the constant mid-paced tempos with a slow dirge part here or there with an awesome solo (hint: there are no tracks on the “Evil Ways” level here.)

    A lame product from a band that could better. Let Ralph Santolla be Ralph Santolla and concentrate on making well-written-to-the-point songs.

    Posted on March 17, 2010