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Darkest Day

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  • While this albums has the classic Obituary sound,I felt the final product left me somewhat underwhelmed.This album is strange in that it’s strengths are also it’s weaknesses. First of all is the mix. I was glad to hear that the album did not sound like the typical modern Andy Sneap metal record. It was refreshing in that way.It had more of a 90’s sound to it; nice and raw, without alot of production. On the other hand, the mix was horrible. In some places, the drums sounded absolutely aweful, like they ran it through some kind of cheapo reverb effect. Also, the lead guitars sounded way above the mix. Which brings me to my second point. Being a fan of lead guitar, Ralph’s solos were a high point of the album;very technical. On the other hand, the solos seemed like an after thought; compared to the James Murphy’s leads on Cause of Death, which seemed to be part of the song. Finally, it is nice to see a heavy band break down into some grooves, but the album is overly simplistic and predictable. This is not a bad album, but it did not leave much of an impression.

    Posted on March 17, 2010