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Darkest Days

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  • I will begin by saying, this was the very first cd that I ever owned. Back in 98 this started my record collection.Now onto the cd. This album is filled with the some of the most deperate, desolate, depressive, sad, lonley, dark and horribly decrepit songs ever to be written. And they are all wonderfully done. Songs about hate (On Your Way Down, The Thin I hate) Death (Goodbye, When I’m Dead, Drowning), Lonliness (Darkest Days, You Complete Me, Sometimes it Hurts, Waking up Beside You), Desperation (Everything I Touch, Drugstore, Torn apart) Then there’s How can I hold on, and Save Yourself, and Haunting Me, Which complete one of the sadest albums ever recordered.The style of the music is a hardrock/industrial hybrid. Don’t think NIN with this band, they are a lot different. And are both good at what they do. It was unfortunate the Stabbing WEstward had to break up though.It’s sort of a suprise that Christopher Hall never actually ended it all. But perhaps this was the way he delt with it, through his music. If you are a person close to ht edge thinking about suicide or any of that, stay very far away from this album. But if you are like me and use this as a tool to help yourslef feel better, relate, and realise that others go through this stuff too, then by all means purchase this prefect album.

    Posted on December 6, 2009