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Darkest Days

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  • I could write a 1.000 word essay on why this album is probably the best album in existence… but very few people would read it. All i’m going to say is that this album solely caputered me emotionally and mentally… It’s a masterpiece… Every song could be a single.. and w/out a doubt, it’s better than NIN’s downward spiral. Here’s a breif summary of the album:1. Darkest Days – Great Intro to this great album.. short and sweet – 8/102. Everything I Touch – A Good Stabbing Westward song, but is almost forgotten when compared to the rest of the cd – 6.5/103. How Can I Hold On? – Great Industrial Intro. along with a great chorus to complement it- 9.5/104. Drugstore – Crazy guitar riffs here… this song is SW showing off their industrial talent. However, the song lacks a good melodic beat -6/105. You Complete Me – This is one of those ‘hopeless romantic’ songs. A great emotional song you’ll find yourself singing along with after you’ve heard it only once! -9.5/10 6. Save Yourself – Also known as the National Industrial Anthem. This is what Stabbing Westward is all about. This is the song that got me into the band. Shame on the fool who hasn’t heard it yet- 10/107. Haunting Me – This song is definetly one of my favs. I wonder why it wasn’t released as a single?? Oh well, great fast-paced song. 9.75/108. Torn Apart – I wonder why a few reviews i’ve read trashed this song? Without a doubt this is one of the best songs on the album. This song would defintely pump you up. – 9.5/109. Sometimes it Hurts – A very moving and emotional song. It’s hard to rank all these songs in a particular order.. but this song might be in the top 3- 9.75/1010. Drowning – Nice slow song. lots of bass synths. very sad song. Maybe a little TOO sad for me, but I can see myself listening to it alot if i’m feeling miserable- 8/1011. Desperate Now – 2 sad songs in a row. This song is hands down the most emotional song on the cd. Listen to this one if you had a bad day. – 9.5/1012. Goodbye – This song has alot of meaning behind it for chris. I particularly don’t listen to it much since its like the 3rd sad song in a row. Not as good as the previous 2 though – 7/1013. When I’m Dead – Out of nowhere, we go from the 3 most sad and slow songs on the album, to the most hardcore song on the album. It has a really good verse and chorus. Good song overall – 8.5/1014. The Thing I Hate – I remember hearing this on the commercial for the first Bloody Roar video game. A fast, angry song, alot of ppl compare this song to the style of NIN. Yet another great song – 9/1015. On Your Way Down – I love this song. Defintely a favorite of mine – 9.75/1016. Waking Up Beside You – Hands down the best song on the cd. Very moving and capturing. Download it and hear it for yourself first. Chris’s vocals are riveting and the guitar solo is just something else. – 10/10This is the best album i have ever purchased. I really wonder why this band was never really pushed by the media or MTV… well, i guess industrial rock was never soemthing MTV wanted to put on TV. Oh well, this stuff here takes the cake… the best cd i have bought and will EVER buy.Overall Rating- 10/10

    Posted on December 6, 2009