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Days of the New II (Green)

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These certainly are new days for singer-guitarist Travis Meeks. A mere 18 when his band’s self-titled debut hit with singles including ”Shelf in a Room” and ”Touch, Peel and Stand,” 1999 finds the 20-year-old frontman minus his former Days of the New band mates and plus a new female singer and lineup. These radical departures could easily have spelled disaster, but 2, a year in the making, is a surprisingly mature and powerful pastiche of classic-rock leanings mixed with the headiness of a modern Doors, some slight Southern accents, and the acoustic leanings of a Led Zeppelin. Neither as dark nor as vocally Pearl Jam-ish as the band’s debut, this ambitious sophomore outing borders on the pretentious and self-indulgent at times, but is ultimately a triumph. Meeks plays most of the instruments, and the orchestral arrangements and vocals of 20-year-old Nicole Scherzinger work beautifully (especially on the buoyant ”Bring Yourself”) with the energetic acoustic guitars and varied and abundant aural accents. Not a singles-oriented outing, 2 presents a potent and emotive musical soundscape that’s complex, spacious, and diverse. Katherine Turman

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  • Now we can see why Travis Meeks needed to do this album alone…The entire album is a concept, a sacred journey. A _Sacred Journey_. The eastern tones and repetitive layers are the clue… these layers are evocative of Indian culture, whose music is replete with such journeys. The richness of the sounds are Meeks’ own… the guitar is his contribution and his voice, consistent throughout. Listen to the entire disc, and pay attention to the shift of lyrics and perspective. The ‘I’ is oftentimes lost when the spiritual realm speaks. Tracks 10 and 11 are the key to the album. They’re a rebirth from the provocation and damage of Tracks 3 and 4 (look at the track titles: “Enemy”, “Weapon”, “Wound”). The real joy is to figure out what the “Wound” truly is. Track 6 is reflective, Track 7 is Universal. Track 13 is upbeat with recovery, and Track 14 is the return of an honest soul. You’ll need to listen with an entirely new set of ears and eyes… the lyrics are such a vital component (probably more than any album I’ve ever heard). This is not a Western album… the melodies of the first album will not be found here. But you will sit in awe when the entire canvas is finally seen. Look deeply, and then spread the word. This is one of the most significant albums of the last twenty years. Travis Meeks is such a special artist… Cheers to you, brother!

    Posted on March 16, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The original Days of the New was a great album. After the band broke up and the DJ’s dis’d everybody in sight, I shied away from spending the bucks on their 2nd release. After all, isn’t the music a result of the whole band’s effort and not just one person’s? Apparently not. No 2 is a great album and I’m sorry I waited so long to get around to buying it. It only took a couple of listens to get totally into it. I think the radio stations did everyone a big disservice by not giving more airtime.

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Simply put, this album has the most inovative thing ever done in music from the last 10 years, i like every type of music from slipknot to metallica to korn to led zeppelin to cypress hill but this album takes the gold.Every song is a masterpiece and is done by just one man (Travis Meeks), best album of 1999.

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Days of the New’s second album, along with NIN’s The Fragile, were probably the two best rock CD’s released in 1999, for one reason: they both defied the strict rules of “rock” music. Both show classical influences, and have the ambition to make themes that tie the albums together. What makes them truly great, though, is that the songs stand up fantastically on their own (this album might have a slight upper hand in that sense). The first 7 tracks on this CD are all beautifully performed acoustic/prog/rock/pop songs, with instrumentals (“Skeleton Key”) and relatively simple but entrancing tunes that create a great, haunting atmosphere (“The Real”, “Weapon and the Wound”). “I Think” is a bit of a misstep, sounding less tuneful or original than almost anything even on Days of the New’s debut album. It’s still a decent song, though, albeit sounding a LOT like unreleased Alice In Chains. That track is just an aberration, though. The songwriting is a big step up on the debut album, where Travis Meeks had already shown brilliance, and the sound is even bigger with the use of an orchestra and many other unique instruments. It’s tempting to say this CD would put off an average pop fan, but the songs are catchy and upbeat enough (in most places) for that to be inaccurate.

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I’ve had the first Days of the New Album a long time, but didn’t buy DOTN2 until I saw them in concert not long ago. DOTN2 is a departure from the first album, yet as an album it is better that the debut. No, there aren’t a lot no-can-miss radio friendly tracks like “Shelf in the Room” or “Touch Peel and Stand” from the first album, but don’t let that put you off.This album is a mood-setter, and flows gently from track to track, with interludes, and even orchestration, althoug never losing its basic premise of rocking hard with accoustic guitars only. Outstanding tracks include “Flight Response” (the opening track), “Enemy” and best of all “Weapon and the Wounded”, which coulda-shoulda been a radio hit (had it not been that in 1999, when this album was released, the alternative rock format on radio started dying off).It’s hard to believe that Travis Meeks, the “brains” behind the band, was only 20 when this was released. I’m looking forward to the new DOTN album, which is supposedly coming out soon (they previewed a couple of songs at the concert last week).All in all…. a very satisfying album… BUY IT

    Posted on March 15, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now