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Days of the New II (Green)

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  • I’ve had the first Days of the New Album a long time, but didn’t buy DOTN2 until I saw them in concert not long ago. DOTN2 is a departure from the first album, yet as an album it is better that the debut. No, there aren’t a lot no-can-miss radio friendly tracks like “Shelf in the Room” or “Touch Peel and Stand” from the first album, but don’t let that put you off.This album is a mood-setter, and flows gently from track to track, with interludes, and even orchestration, althoug never losing its basic premise of rocking hard with accoustic guitars only. Outstanding tracks include “Flight Response” (the opening track), “Enemy” and best of all “Weapon and the Wounded”, which coulda-shoulda been a radio hit (had it not been that in 1999, when this album was released, the alternative rock format on radio started dying off).It’s hard to believe that Travis Meeks, the “brains” behind the band, was only 20 when this was released. I’m looking forward to the new DOTN album, which is supposedly coming out soon (they previewed a couple of songs at the concert last week).All in all…. a very satisfying album… BUY IT

    Posted on March 15, 2010