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Days of the New

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  • I must admit I did not like Days of the New at first…but they grew on me & I bought the CD. It is now my favorite of all.It, “The Orange Album” is a collection of 12 great songs. It starts off with the epic song “Shelf in the Room”. I believe a very personal song (written by lead singer Travis Meeks) about becoming independent, becoming your own person, or at least thinking about the prospect. 5 more songs deal with the same theme on the album, “Solitude” “What’s Left For Me?” “Now” “Where I Stand” “How Do You Know You?”Beyond the meaning & thoughts behind the songs, there is great music. At times I think they are a heavy metal band that were given acoustic instruments to play. The instrumental parts of the songs would stand alone if given the chance. The hidden track at the end is a great example.I’ve heard some say Days of the New are a lot like Alice in Chains. Not I… but don’t get me wrong I like Alice in Chains very much. I feel that A.I.C. only scratched the surface acoustically with 2 EP’s + the unplugged CD. Days of the New is in it for the long haul, going where no band has gone before…with Travis leading the way.So don’t judge this CD after one listening. Try it a few times & you’ll see what a piece of work it is.

    Posted on December 18, 2009