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Dead in My Arms

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  • lame, mediocre, cliche, annoying, just plain bad=carnifex
    now dont get me wrong i dont hate the “deathcore” genre like most of you will prolly think i do. I just hate boring mediocre music, like carnifex. People always compare Suicide Silence and Carnifex and to me there is no comparison, I’m not the biggest SS fan (i prefer Whitechapel much more) but SS is a much more talented band than Carnifex. All of Carnifex’s song sound EXACTLY alike they’re very formulatic starting with a standard blast beat, followed by a two step a breakdown more blast maybe another two step and a big finishing breakdown, all except for the last song on the album… but that song just sucked. And it sounds like this CD was written in about 3 or 4 practice days, by that i mean no thought at all went into the songs it seems, i already said they all follow a common formula but sometimes the band will just throw riffs together thinking they sound cool but not actually caring about the overall picture that is the song so everything just sounds like it was thought out in five minutes by whoever can write the coolest riifs they would throw it into the song by playing an open note than doing the riff or something that doesnt require any thought or musical intelligence. So basically, save your money for this cd but if you REALLY want it just download it or burn a copy from someone, but be prepared to get bored with the cd in less than a week.

    Other bands that sound the same:
    Salt the Wound
    Underneath the Gun
    thats all i can think of right now

    Posted on December 29, 2009