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Dead Winter Dead

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  • Savatage is one of the best rock/metal bands out there, and this is one of their best albums. Unlike most sellout bands, Savatage isn’t tremendously popular, and the main reason is because they don’t do sellout work: Dead Winter Dead is an album about the Bosnia/Serbia situation from a few years back after the breakup of Yugoslavia, and it isn’t terribly commercial because of that.What it is, though, is some of the best lyric-writing and songwriting available, all rolled up into one fantastic “rock opera”, complete with an accompanying poem (libretto, if you will) in the CD lyric notes. Very slick, and also a lot more than you get with most other Cd’s nowadays.The range on the album is pretty good: You get fast songs and “heavy metal” songs like “Starlight” and “Doesn’t Matter Anyway”, and then you drop right back into more emotional and heartfelt songs, like “This Isn’t What We Meant”, and “Not What You See”. Combine that with an incredible instrumental of Carol of the Bells, a traditional Christmas carol, that they called “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24″, and you get a varied and very enjoyable album.To sum up Savatage, and this won’t do them justice, imagine Metallica, but with piano and keyboard accompaniment, great melodies, awesome lyrics, and one of the most talented singers, with a tremendous range…do that and you might be able to imagine Dead Winter Dead.If you can’t do that, just buy the CD. It’s under 10 bucks, so you can’t go wrong!If you like this, and “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo” especially, you might want to pick up Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s albums; they’re a pseudo-Savatage side-project, with similar style.

    Posted on January 19, 2010