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  • When I first discovered Lordi with their debut song, Blood Red Sandman. I kinda knew that they will stand out among others with their unique sound and well….appearance. Then the Eurovision success came. Frankly speaking The Arokalypse wasn’t their best album. But Deadache is. You will discover why Lordi is so good once again. Too bad they’ve left out one their best work -Hate At First Sight- from Deadache regular release, it’s available in the digipak copy which I’m not sure will be released in North America. The smart song names are my favorite in this album, like “Girls Go Chopping, Raise Hell In Heaven, Deadache and Hate At First Sight” And I can’t point a single song that I can rate as below awesome.

    I really hope that Lordi will be around for the longest time possible.

    Posted on March 13, 2010