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  • Got a “deadache”? No problem, take two asprin and hang tight: “Dr. Sin is In” tomorrow. When it comes to absurdist humor, the Scandanavians wrote the book and Lordi is no exception. From this perspective, “Deadache” is wonderfully funny stuff. For example, “Girls Go Chopping” is enough to make any male chauvinist want to duck and cover…and “Raise Hell in Heaven” (like “The Devil is a Loser”) spoofs the dark side.

    Beyond this, “Deadache” presents some surprisingly intricate compositions. To appreciate this, one should attempt to filter out Mr. Lordi’s ravaged-throat vocals and concentrate on the instrumental interplay. It’s not Beethoven, but it is very good popular music. The mix is technically adequate.

    Bottom line: from the ABBA-like title song to the next off-color hockey arena anthem (“Bite It Like a Bulldog”), this album has something for almost anyone with an open mind and a sense of humor.

    As an MP3 download, “Deadache” arrives with enough resolution to sound adequate but not compelling. If high quality sound matters to you, you might want to purchase the CD and rip it yourself at a higher bit rate.

    Posted on March 13, 2010