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Deadly Lullabyes: Live

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  • I agree with the other reviewers about this album: it really rages!

    First of all, the sound is just superb. The mix is just right; you can hear all the instuments clearly, and they all sound great. King’s voice comes through perfectly, the guitars crunch and wail with authority, and the bass and drums show a lot of power. It’s not overproduced — you can still tell it’s a live album — but the quality is definitely there.

    Unsurprising to long-time King Diamond fans is the world-class musicianship to be found here. King sings very well live, sounding much like he does in the studio and hitting all the notes with very good accuracy. Rather than just going through the motions, he really seems to put his soul into every note. Hal Patino (bass) and relative newcomer Matt Thompson (drums) both do a great job and impart their own unique signatures to the older favorites on this work, and it comes off really, really well. And the guitars! Geez, do they shred! Long-time guitarist Andy La Rocque and newer addition Mike Wead both tear up those fretboards like you wouldn’t believe. Great technique, lots of feeling…man, you just have to hear it. Also, since Wead wasn’t in the band when the studio versions of many of these songs were recorded, his lead parts are often somewhat different from the originals — but every bit as good.

    If you are a King Diamond fan, I shouldn’t have to tell you to get this album as quickly as you can. It really is mandatory. If you’re not familiar with the King, this would also make a good introduction to his unique brand of operatic, melodic metal.

    Posted on January 24, 2010