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Death of a Dead Day

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  • I was introduced to Sikth quite sometime ago. A friend of mine had found them online and introduced them to me as System of a Down on speed. Needless to say with such a bold introduction I found myself drawn to the band. When they announced they would be releasing their new album Death of a Dead Day stateside I was somewhat concerned. I have always felt that when bands sign to big labels they are forced to conform. Soon there after the band was all over the internet and being promoted as the next big metal band . I expected disapointment but after the first single Bland Street Bloom was released I found myself looking forward to this album like no other release this year. I ended up pre-ordering and it is probably the best album metal or otherwise that I have heard this year. While at it’s core the album is a brutal explosion of technical metal blended with dualing vocals. The band really shines when they blend melodic and haunting elements with their all out riff fests. These moments catch the listener off guard and could be described as the eye of a category five hurricane. “Where Do We Fall” is perhaps the most melodic and general listener friendly track yet it isn’t bland compared to the rest of the album. It comes off heart felt while maintaining the integrity of the rest of the album. If you are in the market for something different and possibly the next wave in heavy music then Sikth is for you.

    Recommended Tracks:
    Bland Street Bloom
    Sanguine Seas of Bigotry
    Where Do We Fall
    Another Sinking Ship
    As The Eart Spins Round

    Posted on March 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I haven’t heard anything else by this amazing English band. I heard one of their songs through a link on some metal webage and HAD to buy this album. It’s without one of the best metal albums of the last few years. Honestly, I was a little weary about them at first though because they have two vocalist. I’m sorry but most bands with two singers gets old quick. But sikth utilize both vocalists to the max degree. They aren’t mearly splitting up their lyrics and vocal parts just to be different: they do it because they are different. There is no way one singer could handle the vocal intensity of this album.

    The music on this album is almost as sporatic as the vocals, often going from thrash to prog metal to death the same song. The songs are very very hyper and full of energy. There is a huge punk vibe to this album and a lot of the vocal parts remind of the beastie boys in the way they deliver the lyrics with all the different voices. Track 9, Part Of The Friction, has become a metal classic to me and it’s worth the price of the album’s five minutes and 13 seconds of pure genius.

    None of the songs have a certain sound structure other than full speed ahead crazy insane. Tracks 10 (where do we fall?) and 5 (in this light) are a bit different from the rest as it’s more slower songs with mostly clean vocals and quiet instrumentation. If you here these songs, you may not quite get what this band is about so if you feel the need to download a few songs to get into this band, don’t make it these two. Both are GREAT songs but it’s not who they are as a whole. Check out the already mentioned Part of Friction, As The Earth Spins Round, Summer Rain, and Way Beyond the Fond Old River.

    I must go back to the two “slower” tracks that I mentioned. They add a certain atmosphere to this record, giving more depth a lot more heart to contrash the evil randomness that comes before and after them. They inject a certain maturity into this talented band, so to speak.

    A classic. I hope this band continues to make this random, crazy, insane music!

    Posted on March 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Well what can i say, Having loved this band for the past 5 years or so now and following them all over the UK not to mention to france and back…
    DOADD 3 years in the making has proved worth the wait more times over then i thought it would be. Kicking of with Bland Street Bloom it’s a good way to kick start a good album, With some raw bass and guitar and some harmony it’s what you expect to hear from these lads.
    Now to Flogging The Horses, Again what i would expect and none the less by all means camels walking free….
    Way Beyond The Old Fond River has to be one of my faves so far the drumming shocked me what foord can do has so much intensity.
    Summer Rain Hits you right away like a good kick in the teeth.
    In This Light being my personal fave is the Peepshow of DOADD justin being the lead makes it a break worth while from the intensity from the previous breaks (hey im getting old i need a break here lol)
    Having loved Sanguine Seas the first i heard it played live it does not fail to get the same feeling, This was a good place to put this track half way throu, still loving the album as a whole not a bored ear so far..
    Now Murmaid Slur.. no SikTh album is complete without the added touch of Mikee’s poetic tracks seagulls and ponds and more forests what more could you want?
    Slowly going into When The Moments Gone about 4m13secs into the track this gets mental and we love it.
    Part Of The Friction first to be called death of a dead day seems years old to me now having listented to it over and over while trying not to chew my computer to death while waiting for the new album still don’t get old, An all time classic.
    Where Do We Fall being yet another fave of mine nice and melodic but with more Mikee this time.
    Two more tracks left what to expect……
    Add the finishing touches to the album Another Sinking Ship and As The Earth Spins Round seem the perfect tracks to end the album off, some good solos from boths sides and all round original foord style drumming…

    Congratulations guys, yet another masterpiece in your belts lets just hope we don’t have to wait another 3 years eh!


    Posted on March 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • If you loved the first album, prepare to experience your new addiction. Ever since being introduced to “The Trees…” I’ve been a fan of the technical insanity that is Sikth. With “Death of a Dead Day” they not only refined their sound with excellent production, but take the songwriting to a whole new level. Blazing riffs, catchy harmonized choruses, and an overall original sound that will have you craving more. This album was everything I hoped for and then some. Anyone describing this genius as “horrible” might want to pull up a seat with Eddie Trunk and listen to 1978 Judas Priest for awhile, because this definitely isn’t your grandpappy’s metal.

    Posted on March 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • i have been a sikth fan for a long time now……… they as a band have inspired my band in many different ways and are also very sound blokes.
    I have been waiting for this new album for ages, ever since i heard the first one actually,but when i put it in my cd player and listened to it i realised that sikth aint a tiny under grund british band with a cult following any more, but are begining to hit the global and main stream industry, hardcore. This shocked me….i wasn’t prepared for this, and when i heard it i wasn’t too sure if i liked it. I beleive getting this big warner bros. deal and going over to america to do the recording really killed the quaintness of the tech metal lords and has takn away a part of sikth that really apealed to me
    basically………the new album is very PHAT with mental and inovitive parts to it. IT IS BASICALLY THE LAST 20 YEARS OF METAL ROLLED UP IN TO ONE ALBUM! you get meshuggah, dream thearter, metallica, slayer, pantera, allan holdsworth….thelist goes on and on. you wont hear another album like and is deffinately worth the £10 out of your walet (or purse)……….BUT (for old school sikth fans) if you are looking for the old sikth we all loved, you aint really gonna find it hear! this album has seen the extinction of the infamous sikth breakdowns and rests from the intensitys of the bands music, also part of the british charm and wit is missing (but not gone). Dont get me wrong, its still sikth and its still way better then 98% of the music thats out there but my over view of the album is that it is OVER PRODUCED and americanised! the guitars get lost and entagled with the vocals and the bass to the point where its very hard to tell what is going on, this i belive is not down to sikths writing but the balance of the recording….over all the album is good and you should buy it!

    Posted on March 3, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now