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Death of a Dead Day

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  • i have been a sikth fan for a long time now……… they as a band have inspired my band in many different ways and are also very sound blokes.
    I have been waiting for this new album for ages, ever since i heard the first one actually,but when i put it in my cd player and listened to it i realised that sikth aint a tiny under grund british band with a cult following any more, but are begining to hit the global and main stream industry, hardcore. This shocked me….i wasn’t prepared for this, and when i heard it i wasn’t too sure if i liked it. I beleive getting this big warner bros. deal and going over to america to do the recording really killed the quaintness of the tech metal lords and has takn away a part of sikth that really apealed to me
    basically………the new album is very PHAT with mental and inovitive parts to it. IT IS BASICALLY THE LAST 20 YEARS OF METAL ROLLED UP IN TO ONE ALBUM! you get meshuggah, dream thearter, metallica, slayer, pantera, allan holdsworth….thelist goes on and on. you wont hear another album like and is deffinately worth the £10 out of your walet (or purse)……….BUT (for old school sikth fans) if you are looking for the old sikth we all loved, you aint really gonna find it hear! this album has seen the extinction of the infamous sikth breakdowns and rests from the intensitys of the bands music, also part of the british charm and wit is missing (but not gone). Dont get me wrong, its still sikth and its still way better then 98% of the music thats out there but my over view of the album is that it is OVER PRODUCED and americanised! the guitars get lost and entagled with the vocals and the bass to the point where its very hard to tell what is going on, this i belive is not down to sikths writing but the balance of the recording….over all the album is good and you should buy it!

    Posted on March 3, 2010