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Death of a Dead Day

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  • Well what can i say, Having loved this band for the past 5 years or so now and following them all over the UK not to mention to france and back…
    DOADD 3 years in the making has proved worth the wait more times over then i thought it would be. Kicking of with Bland Street Bloom it’s a good way to kick start a good album, With some raw bass and guitar and some harmony it’s what you expect to hear from these lads.
    Now to Flogging The Horses, Again what i would expect and none the less by all means camels walking free….
    Way Beyond The Old Fond River has to be one of my faves so far the drumming shocked me what foord can do has so much intensity.
    Summer Rain Hits you right away like a good kick in the teeth.
    In This Light being my personal fave is the Peepshow of DOADD justin being the lead makes it a break worth while from the intensity from the previous breaks (hey im getting old i need a break here lol)
    Having loved Sanguine Seas the first i heard it played live it does not fail to get the same feeling, This was a good place to put this track half way throu, still loving the album as a whole not a bored ear so far..
    Now Murmaid Slur.. no SikTh album is complete without the added touch of Mikee’s poetic tracks seagulls and ponds and more forests what more could you want?
    Slowly going into When The Moments Gone about 4m13secs into the track this gets mental and we love it.
    Part Of The Friction first to be called death of a dead day seems years old to me now having listented to it over and over while trying not to chew my computer to death while waiting for the new album still don’t get old, An all time classic.
    Where Do We Fall being yet another fave of mine nice and melodic but with more Mikee this time.
    Two more tracks left what to expect……
    Add the finishing touches to the album Another Sinking Ship and As The Earth Spins Round seem the perfect tracks to end the album off, some good solos from boths sides and all round original foord style drumming…

    Congratulations guys, yet another masterpiece in your belts lets just hope we don’t have to wait another 3 years eh!


    Posted on March 3, 2010