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Death of a Dead Day

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  • I haven’t heard anything else by this amazing English band. I heard one of their songs through a link on some metal webage and HAD to buy this album. It’s without one of the best metal albums of the last few years. Honestly, I was a little weary about them at first though because they have two vocalist. I’m sorry but most bands with two singers gets old quick. But sikth utilize both vocalists to the max degree. They aren’t mearly splitting up their lyrics and vocal parts just to be different: they do it because they are different. There is no way one singer could handle the vocal intensity of this album.

    The music on this album is almost as sporatic as the vocals, often going from thrash to prog metal to death the same song. The songs are very very hyper and full of energy. There is a huge punk vibe to this album and a lot of the vocal parts remind of the beastie boys in the way they deliver the lyrics with all the different voices. Track 9, Part Of The Friction, has become a metal classic to me and it’s worth the price of the album’s five minutes and 13 seconds of pure genius.

    None of the songs have a certain sound structure other than full speed ahead crazy insane. Tracks 10 (where do we fall?) and 5 (in this light) are a bit different from the rest as it’s more slower songs with mostly clean vocals and quiet instrumentation. If you here these songs, you may not quite get what this band is about so if you feel the need to download a few songs to get into this band, don’t make it these two. Both are GREAT songs but it’s not who they are as a whole. Check out the already mentioned Part of Friction, As The Earth Spins Round, Summer Rain, and Way Beyond the Fond Old River.

    I must go back to the two “slower” tracks that I mentioned. They add a certain atmosphere to this record, giving more depth a lot more heart to contrash the evil randomness that comes before and after them. They inject a certain maturity into this talented band, so to speak.

    A classic. I hope this band continues to make this random, crazy, insane music!

    Posted on March 3, 2010