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Death of a Dead Day

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  • I was introduced to Sikth quite sometime ago. A friend of mine had found them online and introduced them to me as System of a Down on speed. Needless to say with such a bold introduction I found myself drawn to the band. When they announced they would be releasing their new album Death of a Dead Day stateside I was somewhat concerned. I have always felt that when bands sign to big labels they are forced to conform. Soon there after the band was all over the internet and being promoted as the next big metal band . I expected disapointment but after the first single Bland Street Bloom was released I found myself looking forward to this album like no other release this year. I ended up pre-ordering and it is probably the best album metal or otherwise that I have heard this year. While at it’s core the album is a brutal explosion of technical metal blended with dualing vocals. The band really shines when they blend melodic and haunting elements with their all out riff fests. These moments catch the listener off guard and could be described as the eye of a category five hurricane. “Where Do We Fall” is perhaps the most melodic and general listener friendly track yet it isn’t bland compared to the rest of the album. It comes off heart felt while maintaining the integrity of the rest of the album. If you are in the market for something different and possibly the next wave in heavy music then Sikth is for you.

    Recommended Tracks:
    Bland Street Bloom
    Sanguine Seas of Bigotry
    Where Do We Fall
    Another Sinking Ship
    As The Eart Spins Round

    Posted on March 3, 2010