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Death on the Road

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  • I am a BIG Iron Maiden fan, like that’s all I talk about, but when I heard this album, I was apalled. It frightened me. Bruce may be getting old, but it’s just too much of a difference from Rock In Rio. I can’t believe anyone would give this a 4-star. Maybe it could pull a 3, but I want 2. It just sounds terrible, you can barely hear the guitars over the screaming crowds! That’s just crap! It’s basically like, I died when I heard this, and then when I find out it’s copy protected!? Ok Iron Maiden, you guys have gone far enough with that. This is just terrible, sure I’d give the artwork a 5-star, it’s way better than the Dance of Death artwork, um EWWWW!
    But there you have it, a true Iron Maiden fans honest opinion.

    Posted on February 18, 2010