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Death on the Road

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  • This is the live album that didn’t need to be. While it’s always nice to hear some new material live, the sound and production aren’t really there. Moreover, there really was no need for yet another release of the same old staples such as NOTB, FOTD, etc. It would have been great to get some other material that we hadn’t heard in at least 10 years. There is simply no excuse for this as Maiden has a terrific catalogue to draw from. I must also say that the performance is adequate, but not stellar. I am also a little confused as to why Jannick Gers’ playing is turned way up while it is hard to make out Adrian Smith’s playing. Clearly, this should have been the other way around as Jannick butchers almost everything he touches. Anyway, this would be a great live album for most bands, but for Maiden, it is simply lackluster and tired.

    Posted on February 18, 2010