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  • Silvester Ansfang is a nice, ominous little intro that prepares us for the Mayhem that is about to follow. With Deathcrush it is business as usual at the black metal office. Euronymous’ guitars crunch bone and sinew and Manheim punches away at anything and everything, whereas Maniac screams at passing ghosts and ghouls. The unceremonious CG and Necrolust establish themselves on the listener with a simple, decorous black metal elegance. All tracks seem to have several degrees of freedom within an over-determined arch of musical emotion and seem to have come together in the given form only by sheer chance. Caution: Don’t expect to be enthralled,Deathcrush is not intended to entertain. It is meant to involve. Mayhem are masters of the art of music not because they intentionally create chaos, that is too nihilistic, nor because they want to impress you with any virtuoso performances, but because they accept the ground rules of chaos and create from it something resembling beautiful order. But they only go half the way. And this is where you come in…

    Posted on November 28, 2009