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Decades Live

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  • Needless to say that the true value of a band is how they play live & fortunately Foghat ‘was’ ‘the’ live band. This cd captures what is was like to be there…just straight ahead, good clean rock & roll boogie, Has all the big songs, if your a die hard Foghat fan, pick up this cd, you’ll be glad you did

    Posted on January 19, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • DECADES LIVE combines great live music from several Foghat tours. The music is all top-rate, even though 1977’s FOGHAT LIVE remains the definitive live document of this great band. If you love FOOL FOR THE CITY, FOGHAT LIVE, NIGHT SHIFT, ENERGIZED, ROCK AND ROLL OUTLAWS, AKA ROCK AND ROLL, and ROAD CASES, you’ll love DECADES LIVE.

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  • First of all let me say that I love this band, I have for over thirty years and still do, including its new lineup. They are, without doubt, the best good time rock and roll band ever assembled. However, I will not swoon and give five stars to everything/anything they (the Peverett estate) puts out. Mind you, there is some incredible material here – Honey Hush, It Hurts Me, Too, Louisiana Blues, Eight Days on the Road, I Ain’t Got You, and Nothin’ But Trouble to name a few. But others, like Chateau Lafitte 59 Boogie, Drivin’ Wheel, Fool for the City and I Just Want to Make Love to You are not particularly well done – Dave’s vocals are sometimes flat and Rod Price’s slide work seems out of sync. A one disc compilation of the nine or ten best songs – the best performances – would have been a better choice. Or, eliminating some of the poorer performances and replacing them with some of the incredible stuff from the new lineup would have made for a better two disc set. I get the feeling that there’s some friction between the Peverett family and the new lineup which continues to churn out the best blues boogie, both live and in the studio, on this planet.Any Foghat fan needs to have this disc, if only for the fact that there are versions of songs never released live before. But, overall, this compilation is NOT that great.

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  • decades live was in my opinion the best live albums from the great foghat which i rate as being even better than foghat live or even king biscuit flower hour.this live album was culled from performances during their tours in bakersfield california(1996),new york city(1977),denver colorado(1999) and portland oregon(1996) by the original lineup featuring the great rod price and lonesome dave peverett.this double album has a fantastic collection of songs like SLOW RIDE,FOOL FOR THE CITY,STONE BLUE,SWEET HOME CHICAGO AND two superb 16 minute renditions of I JUST WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO YOU AND CHATEAU LAFFITE 59 BOOGIE.worth the price for the slow ride and fool for the city renditions.a few tracks that i thought should have been included in this compilation are TERRAPLANE BLUES,HOME IN MY HAND,MY BABE and RIDE,RIDE,RIDE.very highly recommended.R.I.P LONESOME DAVE,you are missed by your fans.[...].definately five stars.

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  • As a long time Foghat fan, I’d intended to give this one a five star review before even listening to it. Heck, I’m thrilled to see the Peverett estate hard at work to shell out some additional goods to the legions of fans out there that’ll never have enough Foghat to last a lifetime. Now, after listening to this double CD for almost a week, I’m not so inclined to give it the glowing review I’d hoped to give it. Still, it deserves alot of recognition. So, here’s a FOUR AND A HALF star review for DECADES LIVE.Let’s start with the good, and there is plenty of it. One: 2 CD’s of previously unheard performances. And you get a great selection of songs, some classics, some classics that have never been released in a live format, some previously unreleased songs, and more! The first CD, and the first two songs on CD 2 is a complete performance from the reunited team of Peverett, Price, Stevens, and Earl. This is another solid set from the band that’d toured tirelessly after the release of their CD RETURN OF THE BOOGIE MEN. It’s a solid set of songs, and even includes Honey Hush, which hadn’t been released live from the reunited group. Very nice. Good versions of Stone Blue, Sweet Home Chicago, and I Just Want To Make Love To You. Dave seems to be losing his voice at the end of the set during Fool For The City, and Slow Ride, but it’s a small distraction to the solid set. Next, we have a few great cuts from various concerts throughout the 70’s and 80’s, where, in my opinion, Foghat was at their strongest. I Ain’t Got You is killer. And then, we have a few cuts from an 80’s set that includes a great version of Chateux Lafitte ‘59 Boogie, and even a cut from Tight Shoes, a real treat for this fan who’d never heard anything live from that album. Maybelline is so fast, it’s amazing that Roger Earl was able to keep up, and the bass work of Craig MacGregor is simply jaw-dropping (who, surprisingly, seems to be missing from the photo montage in the liner notes). All in all, a must have collection for fans.Now, why did I subtract a half star? Well, we have already two separate releases from the reunited band from the same tour: Road Cases (2 versions), and Two Centuries Of Boogie, on DVD. Why release a third set from the same tour, which is nearly identical to the others? This Foghat enthusiast would like to see more classic sets from the 70’s and 80’s, and I’m sure they’re out there. How about a re-issue of Foghat Live with the complete set? Those four songs on Decades Live from the 80’s probably came from a complete show. As a purist, I’d rather hear this complete show. And also, what about some sets from the 82′ Foghat with Eric Cartwright? I remember MTV airing a show from when they toured with Blue Oyster Cult. Wouldn’t mind seeing this again. Or, how about a DVD retrospective, showing concert footage throughout the years, as Zeppelin did. Oh man, wouldn’t this be a treat! Well, I can only hope that Decades Live is the beginning of a series of classic concert releases from Dave and the boys. Bring them on!!!

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