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  • upon listening to “the truth”, I was almost positive that Bleeding Through would have gotten even softer. After all, that is the route that most metal bands go.(i.e. in flames, soilwork, poison the well, 18 visions, ect.) So imagine the look on my face after listening to “Declaration” all the way through. This is deffinately not the softer direction I had anticipated. This is the raw pure hatred and energy and darkness that I would expect from Dimmu Borgir. Brandon’s vocals are primed to perfection throughout the whole album. As far as the soft and clean singing goes, there are only 3 tracks where he does that, and thankfully, those parts are in all of the appropriate places. However, the most deserving of gratitude goes to Marta, she really raised the bar on this one, especially on the final track,”Sister Charlitan”. A keybord solo?, who could ask for more? On a side note, I was also pleased to find out that “Declaration” was produced by my hero Devin Townsend of Strapping Young Lad, but that really has nothing to to do with it. After listening to the whole album 5 times, I have decided that I’ve finally found a Bleeding Through album that I like more than “Portrait of a Goddess”. BEST BLEEDING THROUGH ALBUM EVER!!!!!!

    Posted on March 4, 2010