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  • This Is Love, This Is Murderous got extensive amounts of play from me before I even bought the cd. I loved that album, not a bad song on there. Too bad the guys in the band don’t agree, they say it’s more filler. The whole album was basically a 45 minute scathing letter to whoever broke lead vocalist Brandan Schieppati’s heart, no melodic breaks there. 2006’s The Truth took the band’s sound into dark, yet melodic territory. There was even a ballad (gasp). While that album struck a chord in today’s metal community, there were those that were disappointed due in part because of Brandan’s use of singing. Enter Declaration, Bleeding Through’s new album, which was produced by Strapping Young Lad madman Devin Townsend. All the anger and frustration which permeated This Is Love is on display ten fold here with some extra brutality. One thing that fueled the recording of the album was the troubles the band faced with Trustkill, their label of five years. Unpaid royalties, a reissue of The Truth which the band had no insight whatsoever (they were originally denied this when they asked about doing a reissue), and lack of album funding got in the way. Brandan’s father had to pay to fund the budget. The band almost didn’t hand over the masters for this album until the fees were paid off, and it would have threatened the release. You can count on this being their final release on Trustkill after that fiasco. So, enough already. Go pick this up.

    Posted on March 4, 2010