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  • If someone asks me what my favorite genres are I will always tell them Melodic Death Metal and Metalcore. If someone asks me who my favorite band is I will always respond “Bleeding Through”. This album, yet again, proves that Bleeding Through is one of the most talented Metalcore bands in existence today. I love how the band has evolved with each sequential release; starting off more along the lines of pure hardcore with their albums “Dust to Ashes” and “Portrait of a Goddess”, their style became more melodic influenced upon the release of “This is Love, This is Murderous”. This trend continued onto “The Truth” and is even stronger on their latest release “Declaration”. I love every track on this album, but my favorite has to be “Sister Charlatan”. The opening melody of that track is simply amazing, and the blend of hardcore, metalcore, and melodic influences truly shine. From the deep grunts, the yells, the higher pitched screams, and the well sung clean vocals, Bleeding Through hits a bulls-eye with amazing accuracy. Another song that is worth listening to is “There Was a Flood”, but then again every track is worth giving a listen. If anyone wishes to listen to a metal album that truly sets itself apart from stereotypes and displays a wide range of talent, both vocally and instrumentally, then look no further than Declaration. A truly stunning album from start to finish.

    Posted on March 4, 2010