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  • To begin, why are people dogging this cd because it is electronic? I don’t think people understand the idea of a remix album and how a remix album should be pulled off. I hear complaints that some remixes stray too far from the original. Why would we want to hear the same song with a dance beat? These artists that did the remixes did an amazing job at making the songs their own. Granted it’s not the grungy 90s rock that we are used to but as far as electronic music goes, this is pretty darn grungy and dark. The whole cd has a darker vibe to it than most of their stuff, which is pretty dark to begin with. I think this takes the industrial idea they were playing with on Razorblade Suitcase and makes it the center of their music this time. I am a huge fan of all types of rock and roll and a somewhat fan of the electronic music, but the electronic music I like is dark like this album. Hats off to Bush for giving us something different in a world of the same crap. If you enjoy this remix album, check out any of the Nine Inch Nails remix albums. Both Bush and Trent Reznor understand the concept behind a remix album. Hats off to Bush.

    Posted on March 5, 2010