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  • This is the third release from Bush, which everyone avoids like the plague. The reason behind no one enjoying this disc is that Bush is an Alternative / Rock / Grunge band, in which with this album they had other musicians (Goldie, Tricky, Massive Attack, Lunatic Calm and more) remix songs from Razorblade Suitcase and Sixteen Stone. The result was a Dance / Techno / Electronic experience that just doesn’t please Bush fans. The album starts off pretty fair with some good versions of Everything Zen, Swallowed and Mouth (which sounds even better than the original). From the fair remixes, it gets quite obscure with long slow instrumentals (no vocals) like Insect Kin (Jack Dangers) and Personal Holloway. Another thing that gets people down is the fact that because this is Dance / Techno / Electronic music is that each track is about six minutes long! You can pick it up used for a pretty cheap price, if you care to, but this is more for fans of electronic music.

    Posted on March 6, 2010