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Dedication: The Very Best of Thin Lizzy

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  • This video is a mass collection of Thin Lizzy videos. It stars in the Eric Bell era with “Rocker” and “Wiskey in a Jar”, travels through the Gorham Robertson era with “The Boys are back in Town”, “Jailbreak”, “Don’t Believe a Word”, “Bad Reputation”, “Dancing in the Moonlight”, and “Rosalie(live)”. Then it is off to the Gorham Moore days with “Waiting for an Alabi”, “Do Anything You Want”, and “Sarah”. Lastly the Gorham White team on “Chinatown” and “Killer on the Loose”. Lynott joins Moore’s solo cut “Out in the Fields”, and lastly a collection of video clips to the Gogham and Downey remake of the Late Philip Lynott’s “Dedication”. The Last days of the band with Gorham and Sykes have no video footage. Most of the videos have a relaxed atmosphere with Goham taking over the vocals at the end of “Sarah” as a joke on studio videos. The drum guitar footage betwwen Gorham and Downey is great on “Chinatown” and Gary Moore cuts it up (pure speed) on the solo for “Out in the Fields” with camera angles down and up the neck of his guitar.

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  • While looking through the reviews, I noticed that all of the reviews were written by americans and most were not complimentary. You dont seem to realise that Thin Lizzy were pioneers and their music was conceived when our country was in the deepest of deppressions. So picture this, you are living in a small island, an island with a tiny income, an island with a backward industrial system, an island with massive unemployment and an island with outward emmigration so high that the population of ireland had not grewsince before the great famine! (Phil Lynott was actually born when his mother was in england looking for work).And then Thin Lizzy emerge, a group of extremly talented musicians, fronted by the showman and patriot, Phil Lynott. This does not happen often, when these individuals meet and produce music of the caliber contained in dedication. Thin Lizzy were the light at the end of the tunnel for several million Irish. And in further defence of the group, I recall that someone accused Thin Lizzy of being Folk Rock… But that is exactly what they are musicians for the folks, musicians for the people, musicians for the Irish. And so I draw my review to a conclusion, that my review is an imposter, it really is a patriotic message for people to understand that Thin Lizzy were much more than musicians.

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  • This video captures the essence of one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. It features vintage Lizzy tracks like “The Rocker” and rocks through all the hits, including “Boys are Back in Town”, “Bad Reputation”, and several others. Great footage of Scott Durham and Eric Bell’s dualing guitar stage antics, and of course, Phil Lynott’s tough, charismatic stage persona. A must for anyone who likes real rock and roll. END

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  • Thin Lizzy went through several changes in their style through the years. Unfortunately, the Eric Bell years are only represented by Whiskey in the Jar and The Rocker on this collection. Both are great songs and deserve to be on their greatest hits but there are many more songs from their first three albums that belong also. The two songs that are the most out of place are “Showdown” and “Still in Love With You”. They are good songs however they are the slowest of the collection. For those only familiar with Thin Lizzy from “The Boys are Back in Town” and “Jailbreak”, there are plenty of selections showcasing the twin guitar sound that made Gorham and Robertson famous. If you enjoy that sound you will love “Fighting My Way Back”, “Bad Reputation”, “Waiting for an Alibi” and “Don’t Believe a Word”. I would not want to be the one to decide what songs made it on a Thin Lizzy greatest hits collection because I could never narrow it down to just one CD. The one thing I would add is at least one or two live cuts. Thin Lizzy was a great live act(from what I have heard-I was too young to see them) and many great live tracks can be found on other collections and on their two live albums. For those who are Thin Lizzy fans and have some of their albums, the British version of “Dedication” contains some nice surprises and offers up a different selection.

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  • This is a good selection of Thin Lizzy songs for any newcomer. If, however, you are a Thin Lizzy fan you realize there is a lot of great music that did not make this disc. Thin Lizzy, despite enjoying broad popularity is still more of a cult band. This could easily have been a two disc set, but this represents more of what someone must believe to be the bands “hits”. If you would like a sampling of the band this is a fair place to start, but better yet I would advise you to try BAD REPUTATION, JAILBREAK, THUNDER & LIGHTNING, CHINA TOWN, or RENEGADE.There are tracks from the guitarist that played with the band during the Decca and Mercury years here, from Eric Bell, Gorham & Robertson, and then sadly enough dropping off the Warner Bros. releases, which featured Snowy White, Gary Moore, Midge Ure, and John Sykes. The fact that the WB songs aren’t here, save “Chinatown”, is what makes this a weak collection. The songs that are here are good, but the band has so much more killer material that just isn’t here.So, if you have to have everything, this is a must. If you want to sample Thin Lizzy, this is a good start. If you are looking for a more definitive Thin Lizzy disc, please try one of the afore mentioned discs. Be careful, though, it is easy to become addicted to the lyrics, singing, and twin lead guitars that Thin Lizzy offers.

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