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Deep in the Hole

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  • First–I love this CD. I’ve been into this band since the original release of the self-titled “Masters Of Reality” (1988)…the album everyone calls “The Blue Garden” (front cover artwork). I got the CD as a gift from mom–I told her to buy me “Master of Reality” (by Black Sabbath)…I got this instead. I was pleasantly surprised! It should be no surprise that this CD sounds a bit different than each of it’s predescessors. I’m botherred that other reviewers balk at newer MOR, saying it’s not true to it’s roots like the self-titled album or “Surferbus.” Well, guess what? Chris Goss is a producer first and foremost, and he mixes it up on each CD, introducing us to up-and-coming artists (Scott Wieland, Tim Harrington) and old-school & present rockers (Ginger Baker, Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri). He’s done this on every CD! “the Blue Garden” was old-school because of Rick Rubin’s forceful production style (look what he did to the B-Boys’ “Licensed to Ill” and the Cult’s “Electric”). “Surferbus” was so “old-school” because Ginger Baker was in the band–he’s a high school band director in Miami, now, and he’s an excellent song writer…he goes beyond the drum kit. Chris Goss, like Steve Albini, allows his guests to shine through on the CD’s they appear on. The two are very similar, although their music sounds very different. Both are producers first. Every track on this CD rocks…simply put. There’s an old-school rock feel to it, but it’s totally 90’s. Honestly, this CD sounds like it’s a few years late…it’s got a mid- to late- nineties feel to it. Because every songs is catchy and well-crafted, I gave it a 5. Stop comparing 2001’s music to 1988’s. Of Course this is different than “Surferbus”…they were written a decade apart. This band has aged wonderfully, hitting on all cylinders with this release.

    Posted on November 15, 2009