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Deep in the Hole

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  • Masters Of Reality have done it again.I found this CD in the record shop and my expectations and hopes immediately jumped through the roof, partly because I got “caught in bed”, so to speak, by its release. I didn’t see it coming. Guess I hadn’t done my homework all that well at the time… Another reason for my excitement was that I was kinda disappointed with “Western…”. It didn’t quite give me the shakes I’d hoped it would. It was too… weird, even for a Masters album. I may be wrong, folks, so don’t grab your tomahawks just yet. I’ll just have to give it another shot, I suppose.Back to Deep In The Hole. Is it a good album? Is it worth caughing up your hard-earned bucks for? In my opinion, YES!!! Man, this is probably some of the best alternative/stoner rock I’ve heard in some time!Well produced, and with a very cool and rocky sound, the album sets off with “Third Man On The Moon”, an instant favorite. “A Wish For A Fish” is also great, but may take some time to digest/appreciate. “Counting Horses”, on the other hand, hits you instantly. What a great slow-tempo piece of rock! Beautifully melodic. “Major Lance” may at first listen seem absurd, but now I wouldn’t want to miss it. Next, “Scatagoria-High Noon Amsterdam-Corpus Scorpios Electrified”. This is probably the part of the record that I listen to the most. This surely is the “High Noon” of the record, the best songs IMHO. Especially “Corpus..” with its doomy riffing and lyrics. “Deep In The Hole” has a great back-beat, it takes a while to get the rhythm right. When you do, it sticks! “Roof Of The Shed” is a relatively simple tune, but nevertheless impressive. And as the last track “Shotgun Son” wraps the record up pretty good. An excellent rocky tune with some good guitar work and catchy riffing.The only problem I have with this album is that you can quite easily make out the openess that Chris and John have towards the use of drugs. I think honesty is great, but because I’m not at all into drugs I find some parts, especially “High Noon…”, … well, disturbing. Which is ironic, because that song is one of the highlights on the record!!Well, I’m not going to dig any deeper into that. Instead, let me finish up by saying that this is a great alternative rock record and if you haven’t experienced MOR before, here’s your chance!Don’t miss it!

    Posted on November 16, 2009