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Deep in the Hole

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Masters of Reality - V5 - Stoney Point, Ca

Located at Turlock Boulder. This classic problem is a must for climbers of any skill. I have seen it completed a variety of ways, and this is usually the method I use. The climb also goes if you place your left foot on the side pull and reach for the crescent moon. This allows for an easier high step with your right foot making for a more graceful top out.


Masters Of Reality @ Pinkpop 2013

Stonergods MoR tear the Netherlands a new one with an epic live show.

masters of reality - masters of reality

note: all rights go to the respectfull owners of this album. Thanks for making such a great album guys!! 01 theme for the scientist 02 domino 03 the blue gar...

Masters Of Reality, Deep In The Hole Full Album

I don't own the copyright, I don't have anything to do with the band, I'm just a MASSIVE fan and think this needs to be heard by as many people as possible. ...

Masters Of Reality "John Brown" live 1990 at Sound City with Ginger Baker

get it on 2xVinyl get it on 2xCD "John Brown" Recorded live at Sound City with legendary drummer Ginge...

Masters of Reality - V.H.V.

From "Sunrise on the Sufferbus" (Chrysalis, 1992). This album featured Ginger Baker on drums.

Masters Of Reality - The Candy Song

First version of this video was deleted with 59700 views. From Masters Of Reality's self titled, 1st album. 1990 Delicious Vinyl. Written by Chris Goss/Tim ...

masters of reality (LIVE) - flak `n`flight

Flak 'n' Flight is the second live album of the American rock band Masters of Reality, released in 2003. All songs by Chris Goss, unless otherwise stated. 01...

Masters Of Reality interview - Chris Goss (part 3)

Chris about bad experience recording first album with Rick Rubin, Sunrise on the Sufferbus, Ginger Baker, Alice In Chains, Welcome to the Western Lodge, Deep...

Masters of Reality - Kill The King

All rights belong to the artists.