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Definitive Collection

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  • I have never bought a Foreigner album-they were so ubiquitous on the radio waves- but I came across this
    double set at a reasonable price and decided to bite. I’m glad I did. The sound on both cds is the best I have
    heard on any cd I own, and it’s like hearing the songs for the first time (no pun intended). I had thought about
    getting a Foreigner cd for some time-mainly for the songs on side 2-but resisted until I saw that this collection
    contained the long lost album cut “Starrider”. A truly enjoyable guilty pleasure.

    Posted on March 16, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I remember purchasing the “Juke Box Heroes” anthology thinking that Foreigner was finally getting a compilation that would do justice to it’s catalog. WRONG! So many choice cuts sliced and diced, all for the sake of what? To make room for some obscure Spooky Tooth schlock and a tad too many solo tunes from Mick Jones and Lou Gramm (they should have stopped with Gramm’s wonderful “Midnight Blue”). “Definitive Collection” goes a long way to rectifying the situation. Full, album-length tracks, a tidied up song selection, and a fine remastering job. Now if they would only have carried over the anthology’s first class packaging job with the CD’s from this set, I could have gladly given it five stars. As it is, it’s the best “Best Of” you will find for this band.

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  • In the late-seventies and early-eighties, Foreigner was one of the top bands, placing 12 songs in the Top 40 between 1977 and 1982 including three million-selling singles. What is puzzling is why Rhino has released this latest collection which technically is simply an abbreviated version of Rhino’s 2000 2-disc collection JUKEBOX HEROES. That earlier release contains all 30 tracks found on DEFINITIVE COLLECTION plus nine additional tracks including album cuts, minor singles and a couple of Spooky Tooth tracks from Mick Jones’ previous band.

    So do the math. How does deleting nine songs from an anthology that’s still in print make it “definitive”? Answer: It doesn’t!
    If you’re looking for the most comprehensive collection, stick with JUKEBOX HEROES. Sure it’s a few dollars more, but it tells the Foreigner story more thoroughly, and it’s the only anthology to include tracks from their 1995 release MR. MOONLIGHT. The music on DEFINITIVE COLLECTION is certainly first rate, but when you look at the other choices (including 2002’s excellent single-disc COMPLETE GREATEST HITS), this latest release is unnecessary.

    Posted on March 16, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • It may be hard today, given their footnote status in the history of rock, to realize how huge Foreigner once was. They were, however, one of very few groups having three albums among the top 50 best selling ones during the 70s. The records are:

    22. Foreigner – Double Vision (7 Million Sales)
    38. Foreigner – Head Games (5 Million Sales)
    42. Foreigner – Foreigner (5 Million Sales)

    Their forth album, 4, also sold as many records and actually elevated them to international super stardom. After that their album sales began dwindling but they still managed churning out a few hit singles.

    Since their break up, a number of compilations by Foreigner have been released. The main ones are The Very Best…and Beyond and Complete Greatest Hits. The former one was close to being perfect with two major problems though. The first problem was the addition of 3 new songs, all of which were stinkers. Luckily those songs were the first songs on the CD so one could simply start on track 4. I know one could go on and on about such and such tracks should be included but releasing a Foreigner compilation without Long, Long Way from Home as this compilation did can’t be justified. This was one of their biggest hits on Rock stations, basically a staple on such stations and also a top 20 hit. Omitting that song is similar to deleting Let the Good Times Roll on a Cars compilation, not a huge hit but a staple at Rock stations. It also omitted Blue Morning, Blue Day but that is not the same travesty. This was rectified on the Complete Greatest Hits compilation, which really has all their hits (including one of the before mention stinkers which albeit became a minor hit at Rock stations) but has one problem; the songs have been in many cases edited. The name of the compilation is thus not correct since some of the songs are not complete.

    Recently Rhino released this double CD compilation which rectifies the above problems. This collection contains all the hits by Foreigner plus practically all the main album tracks. There is hardly a track I miss unless maybe a few of Double Vision, which is my favourite Foreigner album. What is maybe of even greater interest for many is the fact that most tracks are presented here in full length, I Don’t Want to Live without You the only exception I noticed.

    The re-mastering job is very good. Comparing the sound to the Very Best release brings forth a subtle yet clear difference in clarity. For audiophiles, the difference is still obvious.

    The quality of music is great with the first CD barely striking a wrong note. The second CD is mostly fine until maybe the last few tracks, when Foreigner obviously began losing the plot. Two Lou Gramm and a Mick Jones solo tracks are also included, Midnight Blue the outstanding one of those three.

    As much work that was put into the song selection and re-mastering, it is interesting how little care was taken of the artwork. The front cover is a generic version of Definite Collections by Rhino. Some information is included in the liner notes but the listing of the songs indicates in many instances that they are edited versions. From my perspective, they are full length versions and I really cannot explain what gives.

    For the more casual fan, the Complete Foreigner single CD collection is the one to get, but that one has edited versions. For those who really want the full length versions and some added album cuts, this is the one to get. One does have to program CD 2 to avoid a few tracks but then again, this is really the complete collection, the clean and the dirty of Foreigner.

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  • Maybe this is the best compilation of Foreigner since “Jukebox Heroes: The Foreigner Anthology” which was released in 2000.
    This anthology has 30 songs, 17 on the first disc and 13 on the second disc. The tracklist starts with the oldest tracks to the most recent.

    Tracks 1-6 –> From their debut selftitled album “Foreigner” (1977)
    [5x Platinum in US]

    1) Feels like the first time
    2) Long, long way from home
    3) Cold as ice
    4) Headknocker
    5) Starrider
    6) At war with the world

    Tracks 7-10 –> From their 2nd album “Double Vision” (1978)
    [7x Platinum in US]

    7) Double vision 8) Blue morning, blue day
    9) Hot blooded
    10)I have waited so long

    Tracks 11-14 –> From their 3rd album “Head Games” (1979)
    [5x Platinum in US]

    11) Dirty white boy
    12) Head games
    13) Women
    14) Rev on the red line

    Tracks 15-17 and Track 1 from the 2nd Disc –> from their 4th album “4″ (1981)
    [6x Platinum in US]

    15) Break it up
    16) Juke box hero
    17) Urgent
    DISC 2
    1) Waiting for a girl like you

    Tracks 2-5 (from 2nd Disc) –> from their 5th Studio album “Agent Provocateur” (1984)
    [3x Platinum in US]

    2) I want to know what love is
    3) Down on love
    4) Reaction to action
    5) That was yesterday

    Track 6 –> from the solo album of the lead vocalist of Foreigner Lou Gramm “Ready or Not” (1987)

    6) Midnight blue

    *I was looking for that song for years

    Tracks 7-9 –> from the 6th Studio album of Foreigner “Inside Information” (1987)
    [Platinum in US]

    7) Heart turns to stone 8) I don’t want to live without you
    9) Say you will

    Track 10 –> I found that song on Disc 2 of “Jukebox Heroes: The Foreigner Anthology”

    10)Just wanna hold

    Track 11 –> Another huge success from the solo career of lead vocalist Lou Gramm. This track came from his album “Long Hard Look” (1989)

    11) Just between you and me

    Track 12 –> From the only Foreigner album that Lou Gramm wasn’t there and replaced by Johnny Edwards. “Unusual Heat” (1991)
    [Gold in US]

    12) Lowdown and dirty

    Track 13 –> From 1992’s compilation “The very best…and beyond”
    [2x Platinum in US]

    13. Soul doctor

    Enjoy it!!!

    Posted on March 16, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now