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  • The album begins with great haste and the style you’ve grown to love about the Black Dahlia Murder; the first track, “Black Valor” is a familiar track but nonetheless brutal. We then proceed to the single, “Necropolis” which has a catchy, repetitive melody that builds up with the song and thrown in is a nifty solo from the new guitarist, Ryan Knight. This track absolutely has that ‘party vibe’ to it we know the band has, but never loses the death-edge they also maintain. Trevor’s vocals are definitely a highlight to the album, while you would think of him as an addition to the instruments, Trevor holds his own on this album, and you hear it. The shrieking sounds the same as the last two albums, however, it is his monstrous bellow thats taken “fine-tuning”. You can actually make out damn near every word he roars out; he’s enunciated his vocals and it absolutely works. The album never slows, and keeps a steady rhythm, but you can tell the songs apart giving each track it’s own identity(and easy to pick out your favorites)-destroying any notion of a “one-track album”-something they’ve receieved criticism for but means nothing to us(the fans)..
    You will hear all the Carcass/At The Gates influences; all the thrashy, melodic black hardcore metal throughout the 10 tracks. “Chirst Deformed”, an incredible song, has a breakdown midway through the song with Trevor belting out a punk-ish, hardcore chant that’ll make you want to pump your fist; a killer song if i may say so. The last track, “I Will Return”, begins with a solo reminiscent to Lamb of God then explodes into a speed metal warzone with a damn catchy melody to it, Trevor then breaks into the blast-beat backed chorus; probably my favorite BDM track, ever..
    Every aspect of the album is top notch, the band, vocals and production. The record,again, has only ten tracks(as with their other albums)-clocking in a little over a half hour, but as we say with a few other things in life, “quality not quantity”. While ‘Deflorate’ doesn’t break any new ground(for the genre anyways), it’s definitely a step in the right direction for the band and will help acknowledge them as one of America’s better metal acts. Definite buy. **4.5 stars outta 5**

    Posted on January 22, 2010