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  • I started listening to TBDM with Unhallowed, and have been a huge fan since. Nocturnal is probably my favorite album
    from the last three years, so this cd had an unreasonably high bar set to reach for me. The cd stands fine on it’s on merits, and if you like TBDM you already know what you’re getting here. The new lead player’s solo’s are kind of hit and miss for me. The real problem is the album just has no identity to me. One listen to Nocturnal, and you knew which songs were your favorites. There are few less stand out songs on this album. The album also comes with a DVD showing the band travel to a few places outside the states on tour. It’s fun to watch them goof off, and at the menu you can also select drums. Drums shows you the main parts of about 4 songs on the album with the drummer alone. It’s
    a great thing for drum players, and you’ll have a newfound respect for a guy who has to keep that pace for more than
    an hour on a regular basis. If you like TBDM, you’ll like Deflorate. It’s not the masterpiece Nocturnal was, but it is still the best metal album you’re going to get this year. 4/5

    Posted on January 22, 2010