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  • I didn’t really know what to think when I purchased Deflorate and be quite honest I was a little nervous. Whenever bands get a new guitarist the band usually changes its sound completely and it’s never the same. So, is not the case with Deflorate. Ryan Knight (from Arsis) is a welcomed addition to the band in every way possible. He really stepped up the solo’s in precession and technicality all while not taking away from the reoccurring theme of John’s solo’s Ryan really bridged the gap to still make the music flow. The new songs might take a little getting used to but all in all the music is still brutal and amazing. Trevor has also reached a new high on this album as his screaming and guttural grows get better as does his lyrics and his timing. Shannon’s drumming however is not what I would thought it would be it terms of complexity but it still gets the job done. I would say that overall this album is not lacking it’s still fast paced and a good addition to their catalogue of music. This CD isn’t Nocturnal nor should it be but it definitely stands on it’s own and will be welcomed addition to your music collection. Pick this album and you won’t be disappointed.

    Posted on January 22, 2010