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  • It’s been said many times here, but I’ll say it again…this album is not “White Pony 2″ or “Son of White Pony”. With that being said, can we please stop pouting and move on?

    This album is, arguably, the Deftones best album. No band on the planet marries such ambient and lush textures with such brutal power like these guys do, and that would make this their Sistine Chapel. Songs like “Hexagram” and “When Girls Telephone Boys” bludgeon you over the head to get your attention as opposed to tapping you on the shoulder, and “Good Morning Beautiful” and “Bloody Cape” have hooks that are so sugary-sweet your teeth will hurt listening to them. The crowning achievement here though, in my humble opinion, is the blistering “Needles and Pins”, whose siren-like guitar work creates a sense of urgency and anxiety. I’m on the edge of my seat every time I hear it.

    I think if “Around The Fur” and “White Pony” had a child, this album would be it. And I would spoil the hell out of it.

    Posted on January 29, 2010